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    Wednesday, November 30, 2005
    Bl.oggers are stupid; said the journalist.
    What in the blue heaven was that all about? This is too much coming from a journalist. This must end now or we'll go for a strike. I can't stand it anymore and i need to do something about it. Are you with me? If yes, read some more.

    Got your attention right away eh? No, this is not a war between journalist and me. The thing made me create the firely headline just to get some attention. Ok, that was my second reason but my main reason is the question about bl'ogger being a journalist. Several weeks ago, most media talked about how can a bl'ogger become a journalist. Some popular Malaysian bl'ogger got upset and started to cry. Nah...just kidding but seriously the media actually attacking bl'ogger. The reason was....keep reading.

    Our own local bl'ogger got attack ( or he thinks he's being attack? ) with the media recently. This guy who called himself a Sultan is no stranger to local readers for his article about entertainment and his addiction to a reality show. With the 'full-time bl'ogger' title in his hand, readers are getting bigger. So what made he's being attack by the real journalist?

    From my humble opinion, he's just a bl'ogger and not a journalist. Knowing how to write doesn't mean you are a journalist. First, journalist must take the full responsibilit for his or her article. To archive that, you need to work with a company to retain trust from readers. You must know the law before writing anything such as Akta Penerbitan ( Publishing Act ) and such.

    It's that easy to become a journalist in this cyber space? No, online journalist still need to act just like any other journalist ( newspaper, magazine etc ) but with more responsibilities. Why did i say that? Because your articles are being read by million of readers. Yes, i'm worried everytime i push the 'post' button because i know my post wil be read by millions. Back to our Sultan.

    He claimed he's the press at a press conference so were told. Now the real press is mad about this. I do understand how that felt ( no, i'm not a journalist ) and with a bl'ogger doing what the press are doing, for me is lil' bit rude. Let the real jornalist do the job and bl'oggers, stay as bl'oggers. It's hard to be unbias for a start and that's why i'm still abl'ogger and not trying to be an online journalist. Most the so-called journalist only copy and paste type. Who love to copy and paste? Yes, bl'oggers because we only quote what the real journalist wrote.

    A reader of mine asked me is it cool to be an online journalist. And my answer is all above. I'm not a journalist and not trying to be one.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:50 AM  
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