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    Monday, November 21, 2005
    Are we human enough to be a human?
    I got an email from Mr.Shaiful asking me about something. Something that is simple yet hard for some of us. His question made me look back at my ealier age. Before i show you his email, let
    me explaine to you why the answer so dear to my heart.

    I was at my early 20's at that time. At that time, the world economy facing such a hard time. Many people got fired and finding a new job is not an easy task. Those who still hang-on tight to their
    job facing a pay cut. There i was standing under the hot sun with $10 in my pocket. I saw something that changed my view entirely.

    I saw an old women with her 2 years old child sitting on the hot pavement asking for food. She hold on to her child on one hand and small sign stated "Work for food" on it. Deep inside my heart i wanted
    to give her $5 so she can buy some food. Half on my self keep telling me to give her the money and the half keep saying no.

    Then i remember what my father said to me. "If you made some good deeds,you will get something in return too". Would my father lie to me? This is the last $10 in my pocket. Then with a heart put on the right track, i've decided to give her $5. Tears started coming out from her eyes. She asked me what kind of work she can do but i said none. God work in miracle way and i agree with it. About 20 metres from her, i saw $50 in the drain. At that time i know this what my father told me before. You need to give to receive.

    So back to the email, Shaiful asked me why do i give out tips about Adsense. I truly believe in the kindness of human relationship. This is what i've been doing for my blog.
    Maybe from my tips about Adsense changed a "$10 person" to "$10,000 person". Maybe in the future i need some help and someone willing to help me with a smile. We must give in order to receive.
    I'm doing this for free and deep inside my heart i know i can be the "$10,000 person" soon.

    If you have some money, food or energy to spare, consider helping your local charity group. You can donate to tsunami or earthquake victims. Nowdays, we tend to receive but not to give. This
    makes me sad. I do hope this answered Shaiful question.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:42 PM  
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