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    Friday, November 18, 2005
    Are we the badboys?
    Many site, forum and blog block IP's from Malaysia. The reason, because Malaysian equals to badboys. If this keeps going on, we will miss out infomation or profits. Just like any other users, we also want to get the latest info but sadly some nutcase doing it the other way. The results, a blanket ban for the rest of us.

    I've seen and been to site, forums and blog that block IP from Malaysia. This is just frustrating for me and maybe for my fellow friends. Doing a blanket ban is not new to us and i kind of agree with them. Some of us are badboys and i do respect their policy to ban Malaysian users.

    Back in the 90's, we were banned from the major IRC server. The reason was some of us love to flood other users. We use some IRC flooding script and boom, we were the king of the server...not! For me IRC is not the place to show-off your scripts. It's fine to use scripts but using it just for fun is stupid. What type of flood we used to play with? Text floods, DCC floods and some annoying inviter bots running from our modems. At the end of the day, many users starts to complaint to the IRCs admin and they decided enough is enough. The next day, these IRC flooders started to cry because they are not the king anymore. For the rest of us, we got no where to go because of the blanket ban. I know how an IRC admin feels because i'm used to be an IRC admin and i don't blame them for banning Malaysian chatters.

    How about bans from forum? Yup, that also a big problem for us. For most of us, we love to share and get info with the rest of the world. But again, some looney nutcase started a war within the forum. The best part was, that guy asked his friends to join that forum and support his fight for no good reason. I've seen this idiotic stunt and resulting a blanket ban by the forums owner. "What did i do?" i asked myself. After some digging, i knew that some users from Malaysia started a war.

    Ealier on, i talked about missing out some profits from the internet. I'm talking about missing out some money-making chances via internet. for example decide to take Malaysia from their list and resulting a huge lost for us. We can't make money from the internet anymore. For those who registered with ClickBank, you're lucky because you can generate income from them. Another example is from eBay. No, eBay got nothing to do with this but sellers from eBay just didn't trust us. They don't want to do bussiness with us and our sale going down the drain.

    I suspect a false chaince of information circulating in the internet saying that Malaysians are badboys ready to wreck them. I don't blame them entirely. It's hard to trace who actually started the false information but i suspect some admins with the problem with us giving out some general infos. Yes, it's hard to filter out every single IP coming from here but putting the whole IP in the blacklist is not a good thing too. In terms of making profits, we are lucky we still can make money from Adsense. But another problem pops from Adsense publisher. Some Malaysian just love to click! Give us a link and we will click it zillion of times in one minutes.

    When I activate my AdSense campaign, not much more than 5 minutes go by before they are all over it.. Multiple clicks from the same Internet IP's in Malaysia, Poland, Hongkong etc. (I tried to exclude certain countries in my AdSense account, but they seem to go through proxies, so its not much use)
    via JoelOnSoftware.

    If this continues in the future, we will see a major turn from Adsense. As an Adsense publisher, this can be a almost true news and i don't want to lose my Adsense account. I make some income from internet and with that steady figure, loosing it is just too much. So how do we educate users with .my IP's? Maybe you can give me some ideas and i'll post it back here.

    Curiosity killed the cat and that explain why we love to get into trouble. Internet is kind of new to us and we want to explore the internet more. But over doing it can get you killed and you'll drag the rest of us along. With huge new cats emerging, i do hope it's not too late to educate them.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:49 PM  
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