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    Thursday, November 24, 2005
    Are they transparent enough?
    Most of Adsense publisher will blend their Adsense ads so it would look like its apart of the website. By looking at the blocks, you can clearly see "Ads by Goooogle" and what is that for? Now let us look at this topic from another angle shall we.

    I'm talking about small publisher not the "huge visits per day" publishers. For the premium publisher, they can customize their ads without breaking the TOS. For a small publisher, we can hide the words because if we hide it, we just broke the TOS with Adsense. We can hide the border and change the colours to blend it with our site without any problem.

    Now to the real question i would like to ask you ; who will clicked the ads? Yes, of course the readers. Can you see where i'm leading you with this topic? In my honest opinion, only a fool site owner will try to fool their readers. Doesn't make sense at first read right? Blending the ads with the website is the get somebody click on the ads and fooling the readers is not a good idea. It's like you thanked them but you call them fool. In the long run, more and more readers will feel cheated and at the end of the day, you'll loose your readers ( aka income ).

    Yes, at first i do blend my ads but after several weeks looking at my blog from my readers point of view, gosh i knew this is not a good thing. I felt cheated by my own blog! How's that for a rip-off of the year? Some even go for the extreme blending such as making the ads look like menus and some even mimic the ads. How many of you accidentally clicked the ads? Guess what, the publisher is making even more money from it.

    In my opinion Adsense is not playing a fair game with us. I know they put "Ads by Goooogle" on their ads but a good webmaster can hide the words using several methods. More clicks meaning more money for the publishers and even more money for Adsense. I'm not attacking Adsense but i'm questioning if allowing blending method is fair for readers. Maybe Adsense should look into this issues from our point of view.

    Lets talk about fair game. If someone clicked the ads, what will he or she get? Another site selling some product or service right. How about money, do we get money from that click? The answer is no. We are being fed with another ads and they hope we buy something from their site. Should we accept this click? Hell yes only if we can make some money from it.

    Loosing my readers is something i'm not looking forward to. I don't want my readers to feel cheated. I know i'll see a drop in my Adsense ads but human relationship is far more important than clicks. If my readers feel that my ads are interesting, they can click it but fooling them into clicking it is out of the question. Will we see another policy change from Adsense in the future? Time will tell so to say. My suggestion to Adsense is to keep the border so that readers can spot which is which. A thicker border might help the process. Adsense even can enforce a new rule about the border such as website owners cannot use the same colour as the border.

    I know plentty of creative publisher out there will figure out a way to blend their Adsense ads. These selfish publisher will do anything to generate those clicks. For me, my readers are everything to me. Not just readers from Malaysia but also from the rest of the world. If you don't want to click my ads, that's fine with me. You can always donate to me as your sign of support or buy a real ads so i can put it in my blog.

    I'm keeping my blog less ads and trying to gain more readers. As you can see, i brought down one of my Chitika ads. Chitika's script tends to slow down my page loading. Again, thanks to the hate mails shooting me with a barrage of bullets. See, getting hate mails not that bad. Maybe you should get some hate mails couples of time after this.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:29 PM  
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