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    Thursday, November 24, 2005
    Another hate mail with a bullet in it?
    Before i start writing, i would like to apologize to my loyal readers for posting too many Adsense tips. I know deep down, they only wanted to see some quality article from me. I thank you for the hate mails because it's time not to be leaning on one side only.

    This has been going on about a month now with several hate mails coming from my loyal readers. At first my ego was too big to read it but after several week looking at my visitors hit, i knew something went bad somewhere between the line. Again, my ego is too large for the universe for me to understand about this. "What went wrong?" i said to myself one day.

    After re-reading my posts, i knew i broke my on rule that is "quality article". A big slap hit my face was the feeling i felt. It doesn't matter how geek i am or how cool i'm, but it's about how well i'm doing. Dephine, my loyal readers since my first post decided to slap me some more.

    Hello Jamloceng,
    As you already know, i have been supporting your bl'og since your first day bl'ogging. I really enjoy reading your article but lately my finger kind of heavy to click my Bookmarks with your link on the top place. Everytime i opened you Feeds, it's about Adsense and more Adsense.

    I know you just want to help us in retainning income but over doing it can cause your reputation as a blogger. If you really want to blog about Adsense, maybe you can create a new home just for Adsense. Me and my friends are you loyal readers and i'm sure you don't want us to be the was readers.

    After reading her email, i knew i'm the main problem for all those hate mails. Now i'm ready to kick some serious arsse for all of you. Maybe i need some inspiration to blog but that is not an excuse any more. Drop me a line if you want to see that might help me inspirated.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:58 PM  
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