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    Monday, November 21, 2005
    On the 20th November 2005 is my first wedding anniversary. I know some of you might take a vacation in Bali but with a shortage of cash ( still waiting my checks ), maybe i'll go to Bali next year. What made this anniversary so special was, on the 19th August was my daughter birthday then Eid-Mubarak. Wow, talk about triple celebration.

    A friend asked me how i met my wife. The answer is easy, she was one of my colleague and the rest is history. The reason she asked me was, she's still looking for the right man. She's in her mid 30's so no wonder eh. "How about online dating service?" i asked her back. "Ermm..never thought about it before. Can i trust this online dating service?" she asked me while i'm having my hot coffee. "Why don't you start with local online dating portal" i started explainning to her about local online dating service. "What, need to pay for their online dating service?" she shouted.

    After several minutes explainning to her about the process, she seems to calm down. I do understand her situation and don't want somebody take advantage on her situation. "You can get back your money from your online dating portal if you want" i add. She just went into "ermmm..."

    Several months passess and i received her call early in the morning. "Hey, i'm getting married to my online guy" she said. "What online guy?". "Remember you told me to try online dating several months back?" she asked. "Yup, what that have to do about your onloie guy?". Then she explained to me how she registered to an online dating service and getting plentty of emails from guys.

    Goog for her and i'll be at her wedding day in December. I've to admit, before this i was kinda off my trust issue about online dating. Yes, i know millions of couples found each other using online dating method and some still looking. But hey, always open for opportunity is good thing. Maybe you'll not find your dream couple in week but keep it open. Some day you will.

    If any of you want to give me an anniversary gift, email me and i'll give you the address. I do hope to see a nice Play Station 2. Yup, i always wanted a PS2, a great way to waste my time.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:55 AM  
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