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    Monday, November 14, 2005
    Am i lucky?
    Woke up this morning with an odd feeling. Something great will happen today but i don't know what. I thought maybe my Adsense regime just hit the $500 daily. I checked my Adsense account but, nope. Ermm...what is it then? I have no idea. The feeling still strong and still i can't figure out what.

    Do you believe in deja vu? You know, the weird feeling like you've been experiencing your day all over again. Kind watching Tru Calling but in real time. In that series, Tru knew what will took place but in my case, i have no idea. Even as i'm typing this post, that deja vu feeling is "real". What can it be? Someone going to pay me?

    Checked my PayPal account just to see if any donation made to me but nope. Arghhh...this deja vu is driving me nuts. Ok, not that nuts. Maybe someone, deep inside their heart thanked me for something. Was it because i watched too much sci/fi movies? Or was it because i wanted to bl'og so bad yesterday? Reality check, i'm still not crazy tho mind you. By the way, if i hit the $500 per day from this bl'og, i'll go for a full-time bl'ogger. Yup, you can actually make a nice living from bl'ogging. Now, i only get below that figure so figure it out yourself. Arghh....ignoring my deja vu.

    A dear friend of mine just release his new blog on niffty gadget. His bl'og are easy to navigate and it's full of the latest gadget in the market. Feel free to visit his bl'og here. Maybe you haven't notice that i've changed my Pick Of The Month Bl'og. Yup, this bl'ogger kind of unique. She bl'ogs about her passion towards Siti Nurhaliza. Yup, she the hardcore fan of Siti Nurhaliza. check out her bl'og.

    If you want me to highlight your bl'og or site, drop me a line. I'm more than glad to help spreading nice quality bl'og or site. Bahh....the deja vu feeling still strong. I need some coffee.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:22 PM  
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