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    Tuesday, November 22, 2005
    Adsense gain all?
    In my previous post, i've wrote about Adsense new function called Onsite Advertiser released by Adsense not so long ago. Let's go deeper into this topic shall we. I'm watching a new wave of advertising with the release of Adsense OnSite.

    Pro - This will force advertiser to choose from any publisher they want. They don't have to rely on Adsense to decide where their ads should be. This can cut their cost tremendesly in short and long run. Most popular site or blog can gain more income and control. If ( a big IF ) Adsense allow the publisher to control who can advertise on their site, i'm sure the more popular site will see a stream of income in short time.

    By using Adsense, publishers are actually using a "2-in-1" method. First the contextual method and the Adsense OnSite. This can get those profits rolling in much faster. Combine with advance Adsense method, a faster gain is in our hand.

    Con - Looks like Adsense is pushing AdBrite to the edge lilttle bit more. Most of small site depends on advertisers by using AdBrite. AdBrite is using the same method ( or is it Adsense ) as Adsense to generate some income. As we all know AdBrite is not a contextual method and they are one step behind Adsense. Not just AdBrite, another advertiser portal called Chitika also suffering the same "hard knock on the head". Even tho Chitika can be use as a contextual ads but it can't be use together with Adsense.

    Both AdBrite and Chitika are widely use by small publisher to generate income. Are we watching the death of both advertiser? At the time i wrote this post, i don't have the answer. Maybe we can see much more advance function coming from both advertiser in the near future in order to compete with Adsense OnSite. If that is their main concern, i'm sure we can gain benefit from it. A healthy competition among advertisers mean more income for us or is it the end for us?

    Maybe in the near future Adsense,AdBrite, Chitika or any other advertisers will put some special requirement for publishers. Maybe they will sponsor only the popular site with huge visitors. Again, this is my personal view and i do hope small publishers can still continue gainning income from ads. As for me, i love to hear your opinion regarding this issue.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:36 PM  
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