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    Thursday, November 17, 2005
    8 ways to improve your article.
    1. 70% of your content are crap.
    Delete old and absolute article because most of the time we speak crap. Just like most bloggers love write something not that cool. They pnly write because they feel like it.

    2. Be Unique. Don’t be like everyone else.
    Do you like to be called old fashion? Change your style and be unique. Create your own style of writting. Look at other popular blog and study their style of writting. Getting funny with readers is plain stupid so stop doing it.

    3. Clear point.
    Have you read a blog or website with long introduction? Do you like that kind of style? I know i don't. Couple of line for introduction is the best. The next paragraph is you real point. Make several paragraph if needed but stay short.

    Drop unwanted ads.
    If you're using too much ads in your blog or site and it's not making your money, drop it. No point keeping those annoying ads and chances are, your readers hated it too. Keep a minimal ads. Stick with Adsense if you like.

    4. Clean those dead links.
    Search engines just hate dead link. Make a monthly plan to check for dead links in your article. Not just search engines, i know i hate dead links. If the link is dead for sure ( dead domain or site ), edit your articles and replace the dead link with something similar.

    5. Stop feeding the monkey.
    It's time for you to stop reading feeds and copy it. If you read too much of other people article, your brain will stop working. It's okay to read feeds but make sure you are not going to write anything after that. I pick my topic a week before i actually wrote it. Keep that topic for a day or two, then write your article.

    8. Kill that copycat.
    You think copying other people article cool? Write your own original article because readers want something new and original. You will get a massive link from other using your original article. Guess what, Google just loves popular blog.

    Eight ways? You mean six ways right? Well, who's counting anyway.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:06 PM  
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