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    Monday, October 17, 2005
    Stopping the money?
    Looks like Google just released their new service. This new service is called Google Readers (beta version). Mainly for content ( RSS,XML etc ), this is bad news for Adsense publishers. For those who wrapped their Adsense code into their content, Google Readers will not show your Adsense. I do hope they will fix this flaw. Usin normal RSS software shows Adsense in the content.

    Google Readers is one of the service from Google Lab. From the comments, they need more upgrading before releasing the beta into wild. For me, it is weird for a company that release Adsense but "not-showing" it in the next service. This means, low income streams for Adsense publisher. Not just Adsense, Chitika also suffers from Google Readers. Chitika is a new and promising source of income for publishers. If you're still holding on tight to Adsense, it's time for you to get those extra $300 per month by using this great product by Joel Comm. Use his method and you'll never leave the money on the table anymore.

    I've tried using Google Readers to view my bl*og and i don't see my Adsense. For those who uses Adsense together with Chitika, they will suffer even more. Small publisher depends on Adsense or Chitika to make some income. The way you navigate Google Readers seems too odd for me. But maybe they can fix the layout before releasing the beta. Well, we just have to wait before Google Readers hit the 1.0 version soon.

    Maybe you can try CafePress, they just released their service for over 11 millions products. That is a big number for a small publisher. You need to grab any alternative for your income streaming and CafePress looking great and strong. CafePress is free to register and you can get pretty nice income from them. If you felt eBay too confusing, then head to CafePress to sell your products. With nice small fee, you can shift from eBay in seconds. Give them a spin.

    Maybe you notice a J-Service. There's a link for another great online marketing products. Corey Rudl needs no introduction when it comes to online marketing, maybe you can try that too. The link already attracting about 12 users in just 3 months. I know that is not big but with proper promotion, i know i can get more users to try Corey's marketing tips.

    Generate HUGE monthly commission checks of up to $375-$4,500+-- just by sending visitors to our web site! Important Note: You still have a few days to affiliate with us, regardless of how many visitors your web site receives. Plus, for those people who sign up as affiliates TODAY, I'll give you instant access to our exclusive "Affiliate Resource Center" where we share the secrets our top affiliates use to pile up commissions of over $8,000+* in a single month!

    Need i say more? That was taken from Corey Rudl own words by words. If you're aree looking for an advertiser, you can always use AdBrite to gain some attention. With AdBrite, you can set your own price! That is nice marketing method don't you think so? Advertisers also can pick a price so this is a win/win situation.
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