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    Thursday, October 20, 2005
    Spam blog hypothesis
    Below is not my article but this is great article to read. Kailash Nadh is the author of and currently running his bl.og.

    How a spam blog works?
    As I said, a spam blog is created (usually) by a bot. For the time being, consider the term 'Mortgage refinance'. A spam blog's primary objective being getting search traffic, it's domain name would be something like this or To keep itself alive, it'll crawl directories, search engines, rss feeds etc.. and collect information on 'Mortgage refinance' thus preparing a neat collection of information. The mext thing obviously, is posting this info regularly. I have seen blogs listing live news feeds related to a certain subject (via XML feeds obtained from the news publishers). An interesting fact is that 'Poker, Slot machine' spam blogs are very rare. They seem to be limited to comment spam.

    To read more about this great hypothesis, feel free to download it in DOC| HTML| PDF

    Note : Please respect the author's hardwork in preparing his hypothesis. Please link to his site if you think his work is doing more good then harm.

    This is not new kind of spamming. Luckly Bl.ogspot already put a prevention method for all their users. Ping spam also a kind of spam that will overload the server. No need to ping several time at one blow, just take it easy. Doing that too much will cost you your page rank and most of the search engines will ban you. Please stop spamming because nobody like to be spammed.
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