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    Tuesday, October 18, 2005
    Sony's family matters
    Rumours said that Sony Corp and Sony Music heading to the round table again to discuss about their family matters. The main issue is MP3! Yup, one is producing Mp3 player and the other protecting their copyrights. Wow, talk about family matter. Sony Corp doing as much effort to produce more products from mid 2005 and some said it's targeting wider consumers on 2006. This includes Mp3 players and recoders. Given a hard knock by iPod, Sony trying to produce more Mp3 players and recorders with lower tag but more function.

    Rivals such as Samsung, Panasonic owner Matsushita Electric and Sharp will keep the division on its toes, but executives said the group will be profitable by rethinking its manufacturing sites, increasing the number of Sony-made components and putting its engineering functions under one roof.
    The company's two business units will include its Core Component Business Unit, which oversees its production of its flash-based memory sticks, and its Semiconductor Business Unit, which includes its Cell microprocessor, which Sony co-developed with IBM and Toshiba.
    [via ZDnet]

    Also been said that because of a hard competition with their rivals, Sony wanted to slash 10,000 jobs by the year 2008. This is not a good news during Christmas.

    Because of the changes, Sony will report a financial loss of about $90 million on sales of about $65.1 billion for the year, the company said. Sony previously said it would post a profit of $90 million. The 10,000 positions to be eliminated represent about 7 percent of Sony's global work force. The company said it will slash 4,000 jobs in Japan and 6,000 jobs elsewhere by 2008. [via ZDnet]

    To add to that, Sony Music is a strong voice for copyrights protection. They have sued many company that offers mp3 format using the original CD from Sony Music. Also, one of the big player is Napster and has been sued by Sony Music regarding protecting their copyrights. will pay an undisclosed amount for the lawsuit settlement and an undisclosed fee to license Sony's catalog. The site will use the music catalog in its service, which was the focal point of the record company's lawsuit. News of the settlement drove shares of up $1.60, or 20 percent, to $9.34 by the close of regular trading. The shares reached a high of $11 earlier in the day. Today's settlement marks the latest deal brokered between and the record industry. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the legal arm of the record industry, in January sued for its service, which gives consumers access to digital copies of their CDs. A federal judge in April ruled that the service infringed on the recording industry's copyrights. [via CNET]

    To the time i wrote this post, Sony Corp and Sony Music still can get that handshake regarding this issue. Both have things to protect and both need to make some profit. They need to clear out the "grey" area before making any action. The "who's-who's" maybe the main topic among them. Will the DMCA laws protect Sony Corp for producing mp3 players? Will Sony Music sue Sony Corp in the name of copyrights? Does the law allow us to counter-sue the hardware maker ( hard disk maker, production factory or even the inventor etc ) when an action taken upon us? This is the grey area i'm talking about. Let say someone sue me because posting an article QUOTED from their site. Now, does the original author pays his source every penny? What if the author took the verbal tips from somebody else, does the author have the rights to claim that his article is protected by the law?

    What about Bible? Do you pay to Jesus grandsons or to Jesus's attorney? What about the air around us? Do you pay for tha air? The reason i raise this question is beacause, this is a huge loophole in the law. Innocent people will get hurt pretty bad. Who made this copyrights law? How do they force countries to accept their laws? What about us? Do we have a global copyrights-rights laws protecting us no matter which soil we're? Dangerous loophole means the poor and middle-class will get a big court-sue.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:46 PM  
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