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    Tuesday, October 04, 2005
    Ping spam
    Once you have post your post using your blog provider service ( Blogspot,TypePad etc ), an auto ping will be sent. This is to let the world to know that you just updated your content. This is fine to ping several pings update trackers but doing it too much will get you way down into the Search Engine list.

    For those of you too young or who never got into writing more traditional web pages, basically getting your webpage into Google, Yahoo or other search engines has always been somewhat difficult. The time it takes for your static web site to be indexed by Yahoo for example after you submit it to them without taking up the paying option is around 6 weeks, and sometimes longer. Blogs changed the rules of indexing because where as you use to have to wait for the search engines to index you, all of a sudden bloggers could wave a big red flag with the words “I’m over here” written on it and the search engines would come. Pinging a central server such as meant that a central list was available of blogs that were posting at a given point in time, and the search engine spiders then followed the links on these lists and bingo: your blog gets indexed. Quoted from BlogHerald.

    You can ping once in awhile but not too much. I use Ping-O-Matic to ping several trackers at one click. A nice software to do this is by DummySoftware. Their BlogBlaster works pretty well but don't over do it. Ping only after you have update your content. Do it too much and your Search Engine rank will go down hard. Most search engine considered over-ping as ping-spam and they will take out your page from their list.

    Another blog-spam is comment spamming. Thank God Blogspot made a new function to prevent comment-spam. Normally comment-spammers will insert their URL into several thounsand in one blow. Blog Submitter Pro is one of the tool spammers use. They only click and forget and thousand of honest blogger will suffers. This explaine why i don't put any "comment" for my readers. Bloggers also suffers from site-scrappers. Site-scrappers is someone who are too lazy too write his/her content and post it as theirs without giving any credit to the original author. I'm a honest author and i will put a link to the original author/site. Yes i do copy their content, but not the whole content. The reason is, their content is great and i want to share with my readers. As you can see, i put a direct link in order to honour their hard work.

    Not just ping-spam, any other form of spam is a big NO-NO for me and the rest of the world. BTW, i've found a software that can create millions of blogs in just under 20 minutes. The reason they do that is to make a massive link to their original site. I'm not going to state the software's name but if you found millions of blog linking to just a link, bingo!

    Updated on 18 Oct 05
    I've found some nice Auto-pinger for you to try. Please take a great notice about ping-spam before pinging your bl*og. Remove any duplicate ping tracker to avoid being ban by them next morning. Below is what the auto-pinger provides you with:

    Ping-o-matic20The standard
    King Ping18Comparable to PoM
    Blogomatic11Submits a feed URL
    Pingoat6427 non english
    FeedShark21Annoying submission

    By far, as you can see,
    Pingoat leads by 64 ping trackers. Easy to use and fast result too. I can't enter Ping-O-Matic, so i decided to look for other way for my pinging greed. Pingoat does a geat job pinging my bl*og with one click even it is still in beta version. Try using Pingoat instead of
    posted by Jamloceng @ 7:15 PM  
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