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    Wednesday, October 05, 2005
    Keep it short.
    Hello again my dear readers. Yesterday a friend of mine told me about how he hated inserting long URL to his site. He asked me if i have any idea how to overcome this problem. I said, keep it short! Looking at me with full of questions, he told me to explaine more. With a nice hot coffee in my hand, i started to explaine to him.

    To make long story short (as the title stated), i give him several provider that redirect or trim all those long URL's. Let say you wanted to put a very long URL like http://www.somesite/jpg3o45dt/piqwef/ or some sort. That looks ugly and hard to remember. From that long URL, you can make it to Pretty fancy eh. Redirecting an URL is not new and has been used for several years now. Who should use this service? To be honest, everybody can use it. Put away those long URL's in your emails and get those short URL's instead. You can use it to trim those long affiliate URL to make it look tidy.

    How does this work? A provider will store the original URL and will convert it to a new URL. You now can use the new URL for any reason you decided. When someone clicks the new URL, the request will first go to the provider database then it will redirect you to the original URL. This process only took about half of a second and will not interfere other internet process. Now that we've get the basic done, it's time to try it. Below are some provider for trimming your URL:

  • TinyURL

  • LinkTrim

  • SnipUrl

  • TrimURL

  • MakeaShorterLink

  • BabyURL

  • URL123

  • NotLong

  • Try clicking my new link. Fast and easy to use. Why not keep it short next time.For more short URL provider, click here.
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