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    Friday, October 28, 2005
    Adsense For Malaysian
    In my email inbox, about 10 new emails asking about Adsense. Pheww.....they're asking the same thing;"Can I really make money from Adsense?". For my fellow friends, the answer is yes. All it takes is your spare time to tweak your Adsense campaign. In 10 minutes, you will start seeing all those cash flooding your account. It's easy to play around with Adsense and no programming needed. In my bl.og, i've wrote several tips about Adsense in general and by using the basic tips, some of my readers already make money from their bl.og and site. Below is one of my readers testimony :

    Hi Jamloceng,
    Just wanted to say thanks for your tips regarding Adsense. By using the basic tips from you, i've made $30 per day now! I know that's not much but with 10 minutes tweaking, it's payoff. After getting the Adsense Secret, i've learned how to put my income to the max. Thank you so much. - Regards, Kathy M (Germany)

    This is a real users that put some effort to tweak her Adsense and so should you. It's up to you to spare some time or just watch the money on the table. I'll give you an option to think and make a choice. I know some of you kind of sceptical about this but please remember, Adsense is from Google. If you're serious about making money from Adsense, please get the latest advance tips and tricks here. This is the best way to get those $300 daily from your Adsense campaign. No matter if you have a small website or a multi-millions bl.og, this is the one to use.

    "I went through and revamped my ads on my sites using the techniques you talked about and the results are already showing. I've had more clickthroughs in the last few hours than I have had all week collectively. That's the honest truth." - Daiv Russell - Web Marketing Strategist - Envision Software, Inc.

    Are you making any money from your Adsense yet? Or is it still staying at the $0.00 level? I'm no marketing guru that teaches stuff to people for a fee, but i'm sharing this great income making with my dear readers. If you're ready, it's time to click here.

    7 Steps In Making Profit Generator
    Like i said earlier, i'm going to give you an option. How about a simple 7 steps on making money from Google? Yup, you read it right; only 7 steps to generate income from the comfort of your home. This is great for housewives or single moms or even students to work with. No need to worry because this 7 steps are easy to follow because it's in varies format ( video, audio etc ). This 7 Steps are great for starters who need to know more about Adsense. A user made $152.03 in 2 weeks by using this 7 Steps of money making from Adsense. It only took several minutes to tweak Adsense and in return, he already making $150++. Click here to view his earning. If you're looking for a simple way in making profits, get the 7 Steps.

    I do hope this post can help you in making your decision. I do hope all the wealth and heatlh for you in the future. I'm here just to help people like you; people with no knowledge but with a big dreams. Dreams can become a reality.

    New update: 12.30 afternoon.
    I always tell Adsense publisher to use channel to track their Adsense campaign. But the bad news is, Adsense channel does not provide you a details report regarding what was clicked and so on. You need to install a script to track your details. OMG, i just spit out what most Adsense power-users kept tight. Why not try asRep. asRep comes in two flavour; PHP and Perl scripts. All you need to do is install it to any web server that support PHP or Perl and mySQL database.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:43 AM  
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