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    Thursday, September 01, 2005
    Stress Management
    Burn out? Stress? Don't worry, you are not alone. Some people said that working in the "pro" jobs will make you stress more. Maybe true and maybe not. Anyway, here's my tip that i use to reduce stress. Keep on reading.

    Plug & Play
    "You want us to plug what?". No, i'm not asking you to plug anything to your computer. Got an old CD or Mp3 player? It's time to scrub those dust. Our brain is like a drunken monkey so why not ask it to "sit" for awhile? It's better to get an Mp3 player so you can store more mp3's using your memory card. So, dust off? Great, now it's time to select what type of music suitable for you. A good Mp3 player is iPod and you can store up to 40G. If you want, you can always mix your own kind of music that suits you.

    Get a slow music like Mozart or Bali Gamelan. For me, Bali music suits me more. Try to get a CD with natural sounds in the background ( crikets, birds, waterfalls etc ). The reason i love Bali music is because, the nice sound of bells. This depends if you decided to pick your own music.

    Recommended Album

    Get busy
    Take your time out. If you're at the office, try this tip of mine. Jog slowly to your xerox machine. Look stupid? Yup but hey, you need to laught at yourself once in a while. Get that blood running smoothly buy doing couple of push-ups. Do that for 3 minutes and you're done. Try it and you will feel freash as usual.

    If you're using the computer, why not shoot some aliens. Play some computer game for 5 minutes or so. Please make sure you are not playing those "kick-ass-hard-to-play" kind of game. Remember, you are trying to reduce stress not to fire it some more. Play some easy computer game like Solitaire or MineSweeper ( default installation from Windows ).

    Wash up
    Splash some water to your face and if you can, brush your teeth. I've read an article about reducing stress by brushing teeth. The flavour of the fresh mint in the toothpaste can actualy reduce your stress. Try it to see the result. You can always re-apply your cologne or perfume. The sense of the sweet smeeling perfume can activate your hormon. Use the floral kind of perfume such as apple, roses etc.

    I hope this short tips can give you some new idea on how to manage stress. Happy stress-free week to all.

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