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    Wednesday, September 28, 2005
    Something's wrong
    Sorry for all those light posting lately. I'm kinda busy to the max with my job plus i'm making a new template. Hopefully everything will get much bette next week or so.

    Now the Malaysian Idol officialy ended, i guess life for most of us,back to normal eh. Daniel won? My lips are tight shut. As you can see, i've put a vote button at the bottom of my page. Feel free to vote my humble space. I do hope my post can give a "head-knock" to readers.

    As Ahmad Dhani from the band Dewa once said " Aku bukan suara rakyat dan tidak ingin menjadi suaranya". Meaning "i'm not the people's voice and i'm not going to". My post are about almost everything. I've received many emails asking why all those "nice" posting and the answer is, i'm still "looking from behind the hill" about certain issues. Once i've done my research, i'll put something nice here. Mean while, enjoy the short post.

    Some of my close friends noticed something about my postings and they are right about it. Nope, i'm not telling you. Ok, i'll give you a clue, read all of my post in August and try to related to it. Every post during that period of span are related to one and another. Still don't get it? Shame on you LOL.

    Don't forget to vote for me!!
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:36 PM  
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