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    Monday, September 12, 2005
    Singers need a vocal class
    Malaysian Idol is coming to the end. After several weeks of squicks and boohaa, this reality show is about to end. This is the second season for MI. To be honest, all the singers-wannabies of the top 3 need to work out their vocals. Who are they? They are Daniel, Nita and Fara. Among them, only Fara is the above average but still, not the kind of vocal that gave me a goosebumps. They need some serious vocal class for sure.

    Let's go into details shall we? First up, Daniel. He lovessss to swallow his own vocal. Roslan Aziz from time to time reminded him not to do that. His diction, to be honest, really bad. Sometimes I just can't understand what was he trying to say. Mumbling his vocal and using most of his nostril, resulting a weird sound. He must try to open his mouth and control his breathing from his stomach. Breathing using his chest (diaphragm) is not doing him any good. I don't know if he warmup his lips and throat muscles. A good singer knows how important todo those warmups before walking to the stage. For a 10 minutes regime, i guess he's doing it wrongly. So how? Easy, get your vocal octave at the lowest,middle and high range. Slam those lips together and blow that notes. I know that gonna wet someone standing infront of you LOL. If he can get his low range right, i'm sure he can get that middle and high ( not that screaming high notes ) note at the right pitch. I'm surprised he is still in the show. Better off, i prefer Ash rather than hearing Daniel singing.

    Nita, the girl Roslan Aziz called "The pretty girl" doesn't look that pretty when it comes to vocal. She always change her vocal range without the right vocal flow. A good singer can change his or her vocal at a smooth phase without damaging the "sustain scales". Nita loves to humm alot and she is horrible at it. Mixing a mid and mid-low notes is a bad idea. On the latest Spectaculor, I saw Hillary Ang; our best guitarist shocked his head. What does that means? Yup, bad choice of narrative notes. She was out of tune; half note to be exact. Her vocal was at her throat and she seems to blocked that "merging" vocal of hers. I'm sure she used her throat muscles too much, thus blocking the inner vocals to get that more dynamic high notes. Nita got a serious issue regarding tempo. She need to learn how to follow the right tempo while singing her low-barrage notes. I do agree with Roslan when he spoke about Nita's face expression. Well, off with this pretty face. Maybe she can try again next year. For me, her journey ends next week.

    Fara; or Roslan likes to call her "Bunga yg sedang berkembang" is much better than Daniel and Nita. But on last week showdown, I kinda hate her voice. Like she was running and rushing her songs. Ever heard Metallica before? Fara is just like Metallica only they are not related to each other. I'm talking about the identity of the vocal. Just listen to James Hetfield of Metallica. You can know that's James singing even you are not looking at their MTV clips. Same goes for Fara. She got "that" voice where you know that vocal belongs to her. That indicates a good quality of vocal. She reminded me of Hetty Koes Endang, a popular singer from this part of the world.

    If you look closely to Fara when she's singing, you can see she lifted her tounge. By doing this, she is destroying those ambients sound. Ambient sound is like sugar and salt to the main notes. Wihtout it, the vocal is drop flat. New singers tends to do this alot. Ever listen to a song and felt something is missing? That is what happened to Fara. Her voice can get that nice mi-high and mid-low notes if she drop a little bit of her tounge. Better yet, faltten her tounge while husking that inner breathing can earn her extra points.

    It is obvious that Fara gonna hit the ball off the park. But i don't think it is easy for Fara because she is facing with the boy with the singing nose or should i say "cute boy". Fara and Nita already felt the flame of being on the top low points. Nita already down there for several times and so is Fara. The votes for all of them seems to be divided into several matters. Gender, looks, vocals and maybe some "state" issues. I don't about those issue but i really hope that voters will votes upon their vocals. We had more than enough of this instant stars from Akademi Fantasia, it's time to vote someone that possess the vocal quality.

    Talk about Akademi Fantasia, don't get me started about them. If only i'm the Prime Minister of Malaysia, i'll ban that show for sure. Stop that cry-baby will ya. Ermm....something just flashes before me. Nehh......that's not gonna happen in this country. I guess that local singers do need a vocal class for sure. Time to get these fingers back on my Zildjian cymbals. Anybody kind enough to buy me Zildjian cymbals set?

    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:59 PM  
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