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    Tuesday, September 13, 2005
    My dream musical instruments
    I love to jam with my friends. We usually go to our studio and play some heavy metal tunes. Drums is my main instrument and to buy a complete drum set gonna cost me zillions. Below is my dream-machine and other musical gears.

    Zildjian Cymbals

    This is the best cymbals ever made and i like their "splash" and "crash" cymbals. Using only the best materials, Zildjian is a must for all drummers in this world. The name alone is like having a Porsche for any drummers. You can select their wide range of cymbals from their starter-kit right up to their Pro sets. Drummers like Travis Barker, Kenny Aronoff, Rob Bourdon to name few, they play only the best, and that is Zildjian cymbals. Time for newbies to change to Zildjian to get that great sound and tone.

    Drum set

    What is more greater than DW Drums set? DW is the best drum sets in the world. Who uses DW drums? Of course a living legend Neil Peart. To be honest, DW is hard to find here in Malaysia so i'm off looking at TAMA. TAMA also a great brand when it comes to drum sets. Their drums and hardware are easy to find and it comes with a fair price tag to it. Below is what i'm looking for:


    Joe Satriani needs no introduction and so does his signature guitar from Ibanez. With fast brigde mounted to the body and high-end pickups, you just can't go wrong with this guitar. Nice freatboard and "just-nice" scales, i realy want this baby. This guitar can blow some heavy metal tunes at the highest level but with the right gear, you can use it for some nice pop/jazzy tune too.

    Another great metal guitar is ESP. Our own local metal band, Metalasia once use ESP guitar. ESP is a well-known for it's Kamikaze (George Lynch Series) and it's not that heavy compared to B.C Rich guitars.

    Stomp Box nad gear

    For some great effects and tones, you need the one and only weapon called POD 6. Nothing can beat this stomp gear. Just search Google and you can surely find the "pros" name using POD 6.

    POD 6 can be found at Bentley Bukit Bintang i think. Just ask them to try out POD 6 and they will plug it to your guitar. I've found that the best guitar for POD 6 is Ibanez guitar and Fender guitars. BOSS is another gear that i carry around in my "weapon" bag. Below are my BOSS gear.

    Ernie Ball is my choice of guitar string. Nice variety selection ranging from bullet head right up to accoustic strings, they can deliver it to you. Don't use that cheap guitar string with your guitar, time to get the real thing. Get Ernie Ball for your Ibanez, Fender, Gibson or ESP guitar.

    What good is a guitar without the right speaker. I'm using Marshall JCM 800 cabinet for my heavy metal tones and so should you. With low humming and great noise filtering, this is the best for me. Using Marshall cab can bring out any sound you are looking for. For me, Marshall JCM800 series is the best for rock and heavy metal but don't get me wrong, even blues guitarist plug their guitar to this cabinet.


    This Month Promotion

    So you have it, my dream machine ( or yours ). Yup, i know all those items are hand full but trust me, it worth it. Why must i get that "starter-kits" product when i can get the top of the list? No matter if you're the "bedroom" musician or a pro, you should get only the best products in the market. Maybe you can share your dream gear with me.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:52 PM  
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