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    Monday, September 19, 2005
    Malaysian are idiots Idol

    Last night was a sickening show for me. Daniel is in the grand finale? Gosh....people are getting weirder every single day. In my previous post, i'm predicting Farah will be in the final. Well, maybe this is what my buddy said "pure luck". Daniel got huge voters and the voters are killing him slowly. Most of the judges disliked the way Daniel delivered his vocal. Enough of this "profit-making-game" show. I'm not gonna talk about the finalist but i think it's time to talk about the judges.

    "Awak macam tak kesampaian" and "Let it all out" were her favourite comments. Yup, i'm talking about "was-a-diva-of-the-80's" Fauziah Latiff. Coming from an experienced singer, that were her worst effort to help the "Idols-wannabes".

    It's like this, let say that i called John Doe stupid and John Doe is wondering "why?". I must explaine to him WHY i called him stupid so he can improve quickly in the future. I must give out all the details WHY he is stupid and ho to improve his skills. Now, compare this to Fauziah's comments towards the wannabes. She must explained what is "Let it go" and how to "let it go". Living the wannabes hanging is cruel. She should explaine all the details regarding WHY and HOW. What? Rushing with the time? Come on, the producer of this show should play fair. Not just to the voters but to the wannabes as well.

    Last Friday was the best for me in terms of comments. No, it was not Fauziah's but Ogy's. Ogy talked about breathing and how to get the right vocal. She was the guest judge but Fauziah has been since the first season. "Your vocal was not the best compared to the last show" what was that all about? She is comparing the singer's current vocal with the singer's last show and not giving the fair comments. She should tell the singer why the previous show was good, and that my friends, a fair trial.

    Paul who? This is the man that always say bad things about Malay songs. Let me tell you something, sorry to say but "The Fan Club" sucks. I don't care if his band made millions in New Zealand or on Mars. For me, when Aishah steps out from the band, the band is nothing. Comments coming from a guy that not entirely understand Malay is not fair. I know, you'll say, he was commenting the vocals. Yup, but this is a "package" show. The "feel" must be inserted ot suits the vocal and that is the one Paul can't give a fair trial. I know Paul understand Malay but not 100% and that gives me a fear of unfair comments.

    Roslan, he can do better than that. Roslan can give the details lil' bit more but i'm not getting that from a guy that produced big names in the local music scene. But, once in awhile, he gave a solid comments.

    So how can we ( and they ) improve the quality of this show? That's easy to say rather than doing it. How WE can help? Don't vote! Yup, you read that right. Don't vote if you do not have a strong musical background. Don't waste your money voting for something that is not dear to you. You are giving a "false dream" to the singers. If your hobby is voting for no reason, then send those SMS to Tabung Bersamamu TV3. That whould be great in returns don't you think so? This is the danger i predicted several years ago and it's happening! No, i'm not Nostradamus or Ayah Pin. The danger giving the full freedom to the publics resulting a "loophole" in our local scene. As we know, Malaysian does not take music as a part of their daily life. This is not accurate, but maybe 10% of Malaysian DO have a solid ground when it comes to music. What about the rest? For the rest, we just love to vote without knowing why we vote. Yup, we are zombies, walking around with our cell phones. Please don't vote will are killing the person ( that you're voting ) softly. Don't you think Akademi Funtasia is the giant killer enough? Why make it worse?

    The producer of Malaysian are idiots Idol must change the format of the show. The media is playing huge role in making our music scene better and don't you ( the producer ) forget that. Media is the "middle man" bridging the people and the "big-fairy-tale" companies. This is how the show gonna be in my view. Tell the judges to give out the details of their comments. You know, the WHY's and HOW's thing. This is far more important than giving out the false dream to the wannabes. Not just for the wannabes, but also for the normal "Joe's" in the street to understand what music is made of. For example, let say an Idol singing using 4 octave higher that the original note. The judges must stated that "WHY" of the 4 octave and HOW to overcome the problem(s).

    Play fair is the best answer. Give the judges a bigger marks and less to the people. Maybe a 70/30 or 60/40 ratio might help. We are waiting a star and sometimes the intervention of bussiness making can jeopardised the whole show.

    For you information, I voted Fara and she was the best ( well, not THAT best ) amongst them. Pitty for her, well this is Malaysian are idiots Idol and anything can happen. Oh well, can't wait for the next season of The Apprentice.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:47 AM  
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