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    Wednesday, September 07, 2005
    Linux made easy
    Holy cow, Linux only for advance users! Think again cowboy, Linux is getting easy to master. Why would I say that? Linux developers came out with even easier option for you. Now, you can use Linux without any need to install Linux! I know that sounds weird but keep on reading.

    You can only use a normal CD to run Linux. This CD/DVD is the bootable CD so you can run Linux without a hard disk. Yup, you read it right, no disk needed. You feel safer now since Linux is not touching your disk. No need to install Linux into your disk so no need to worry about losing your files. Nice eh?

    To start this post, i would like to advice you to read the manual for the hardware requirements. To use LiveCD ( bootable CD ) normally you only need a CD drive, mouse, keyboard and BIOS CD Boot enable. To enable your BIOS, please read below:

    1.Boot your PC
    2.As the BIOS information appears i.e., memory check etc, you should see, at the bottom of the screen something to the effect of "To enter BIOS press DEL."
    3.It may not always be the DEL key (this is for Award BIOS). You can always check with your PC manual or Motherboard handbook.
    4.A DOS type menu should now appear
    5.Look at the BIOS menu and you should see an option marked 'Advanced BIOS Features.' Use the up and down arrow keys and highlight this option then press Enter.
    6.When the Advanced BIOS Features window opens look down the list until you come across an entry marked 'First Boot Device.'
    7. If your CD is the first boot device then this should read CD-ROM.
    8.By using the PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN keys you should be able to toggle through the First Boot Device Options and change it accordingly.
    9.For convenience i always use the following options:

    First Boot Device CD-ROM
    Second Boot Device Floppy
    Third Boot Device Hard Drive (0)

    10.By using these options you will not need to alter the boot up sequence after you have finished installing your operating system.
    11.Once you have made the necessary changes to the boot sequence press ESC to return back to the main menu.
    12.Finally, using the up and down arrow keys select the option Save and Exit CMOS
    13.You need to confirm that you want this option to execute, so press Y followed by Enter.
    14.Your changes will now be saved

    Now that we've covered the BIOS setting, let's move on to the best part. You need to get a LiveCD of Linux such as Knoppix or Slax. Both offers you the best of computing with huge selection of application. Not just that, you can config one of those LiveCD to become your own personal internet server but i'm not going to go into details.

    I highly suggest you Slax for it's nice interface. It's fairly easy to config and it's at "auto" mode for your hardwares. All you need to do is download Slax ISO and burn it to a blank CD-R or DVD-R ( depending on your type of CD drive ). Their support is great and fast. If you stumbled into trouble with Slax, just go to their forum and they will help you. For Slax requirements, please read it carefully, we don't want you to go "pow-wow-kaboom" along the way.

    I do hope you can try Linux once in awhile. No i'm not gonna say that Linux is the best OS on this planet but if you're looking for a nice stable OS, go for Linux. You got nothing to waste because all you have to do is burn it to a CD-R ( around $1.00 per piece ) and no installation needed. Enjoy your new OS and "Slax" me some skin LOL.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:57 PM  
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