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    Monday, September 19, 2005
    Hooligan in football
    No, this is not about hooligans in English Cup. I'm talking about hooligans in our local football scene. They love to throw firecrackers, left-over burgers and bottles. What was that all about?

    In the news, Datuk Seri Dr Ibrahim Saad ( general secretary of FAM ) stated that the main issue is how the hooligans can bring in those firecrackers. His answer is, that is under the police jurisdiction. Ermm...a question raised from that is, who's in charge of the stadium? I don't think the police got to do with it. It's is under the state brach company ( Perbadanan Stadium Negeri etc ). Datuk Seri Dr.Ibrahim stated a question; "It's not how they bring in the illegal items but where they get it". Again he's blaming the police. This also raises another question "How tight is the security level at the stadium?"

    FAM should place a device that can detect any illegal items ( knifes, firecrackers etc ) at every stadium. Players been thrown with bottles and referee injured by firecrackers is not a myth. This is a true story and it's getting really bad from time to time. Then came the hardcore hooligans rippin the chairs and burn it. It's not safe anymore to bring along our kids to watch a football match.

    FAM must ban the usage of bottles ( plastic or glass ). If anyone wanted to a drink, replace the bottles with a coverless papercup. Why a coverless papercups? Let say if a moron decided to look cool and throw that papercup, obviously he will spill the water, thus saving someone's head from injury. Same goes for the food. Let the spectators hold the food in their hand and do not put the food inside a plastic bag. I've seen a moron pee in the plastic bag and threw it to the players!

    Another thing FAM can do is make higher fence to stop all those unwated items from flying around. A 6 metres high fence is fairly enough and above the fence, maybe FAM can string a heavy duty netting. Putting more undercover security guards or police might help. Or better, put as many fully-dressed policeman at the spectators areas. Right now, so many policeman "outside" the danger zone and that is not helping....not a bit.

    Identify the hooligans and put them where they belong, in the slammer. Nope, that's not a bad idea. To be honest, putting these hooligans in the slammer can send out a warning signal to others. A friend of mine said, "Feed them to the gays". Now, THAT's a bad idea. Maybe the only way to stay safe is by watching the matches in the local news. I have a better idea, why not we just play computer game of soccer instead?

    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:39 PM  
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