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    Tuesday, September 06, 2005
    Home recording

    Today it's gonna be about microphones. Before that, you must understand that sound are made from the vibration of the air. Mic is the tool to pickup the vibration and turn it into electrical signals. Picking the right mic is important to make sure you get the best sound. The mics are used in the recording studio are different from a cheap mic.

    There's two type of mic in general. The first is dynamic and the other is condenser mic. Shure SM57 is an example of dynamic mic and it is more durable. Dynamic mic can stand high SPL ( sound preassure level ) and because of that, it normally use to record sound coming from snare and tom-tom. Dynamic mic also can be used to record guitar through the amplifier, vocal and other musical instruments.

    Condenser mics are more sensitive compared to dynamic mics. This type of mic is the best tool to record human vocal even at a lower SPL. The bad side of this mic is, if you are using a "not-so-good" soundproof recording room, your noise level can get out of control.

    Other types of mics are ribbon mic, piezo mic ( also known as boundary mic ) and lavalier mic ( clip mic ). Lavalier mics generally used in interviews where you can clip it to your shirt. Ribbon mic are so fragile and it is the less known among mics.

    To know how to setup your own home studio, please refer to my previous post. I got to go now. Maybe tomorrow i'll continue this post. Later.
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