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    Tuesday, September 27, 2005
    Geek workout

    Are you a fat geek? Time for some workout, G-Style! It doesn't matter if you're a fat geek or a 6-packs geek, workout is important. Are you ready my "Fellowship Of Geeks"? No personal trainer needed and free too.

    Work that face.
    Get some really hard C+ coding and try to change it to Harry Porter next issue. After 10 minutes doing that, you will crunch your face. Keep doing it for another 10 minutes and take a deep breath. Congratulation, you just finished your face workout.

    Work that neck.
    Now you can feel the fire burning inside, it's time to work that neck. Geeks of the world, listen to me, get that 42 inch monitor. Do your work about 1 feet from that screen. You'll workout that neck by noding several hundred time. Do this for 2 set of 100 noding. Feel that muscle.....feel it man!

    Work that eyeballs.
    Turn your 42" monitor to the "FULL". The brighter, the better. Take off those contact lenses of yours and try not to blink. To get the best result, do this at the nearest "photoshop".

    Work that arms.
    Get 20 of those new MSDN manual book per arm. Don't hold your breath hile doing this, we don't want you to be on the FrontPage. Streach those arms for 10 minutes and be "creative".

    Work that fingers.
    Surf any website that contains a "pay-per-click" programme. Look for "Ads by Gooooogle" and do your workout. Click your mouse as fast as you can for 20 minutes. To make things easier, use a "wireless" mouse.

    Work that belly.
    The easiest is, go for a "sun" bath. That will burn those extra "buffer" of yours. Strap your belly with any USB cable to get those 6-packs abs.

    Work that legs.
    Jumping is great for legs workout. Do this by the "sea" with an iron "gates" along the beach. Jump over those "gates" for 30 minutes and you're done. Please beware of those man-eating "Barracuda". Once you got home, do this jumping workout by jumping over those "windows".

    I do hope you can follow my simple workout plan. This will not guarantee any "flash" result. After 2 months, you will screaming for "Yahoo" to see the great result. Feel free to "buzz" my YM if you have any great workout.

    Word of notice : This is for reading pleasure only. Do at your own risk.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:21 PM  
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