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    Tuesday, September 06, 2005
    Funny Bush Joke
    I don't remember where i found this joke about Bush regarding Katrina hurricane.

    The rumours about White House being racist is not true. We're only being prejudice to other religion such as Islam and my black secretary, Condoleezza Rice can tell you more about this. Also, we are trying real hard to help to people of New Orleans once we can get our hands on Osama bin Laden. In the mean time, please be calm and eat anything you can eat on the roof top. We are short of money to transfer to Iraq New Orleans. So, we have to cut the supply of cigars and porno magazines to our troops in Iraq and that money will goes to New Orleans. Yes I do admit that we are slow in giving helps during the hurricane because we considered it as "orange alert" and no mass destruction weapons will be found there. Again, as the president of this great country, I would like to say we are doing the best we can. As Rice told you before "No matter if you're German-American, African-American or Latin-American, no American want to see an American suffers" and in the name of democracy, that what happened in Iraq.

    People of America, I have decided to declare war on Katrina in the name of human rights. We will ship our troops to find Katrina before Christmas. Who ever found guilty, we will put them in Guantanamo Bay and this includes Katrina Hurricane. We will tourture Katrina Hurricane like we did with the Talibans but less painful because Katrina is not a Muslim. I will inform Blair to take the same action by shooting at any moving object including Brazilians. Blair will ship his troops to a wind tunnel at the local university to stop any mass destruction hurricane next week. Blair have told me that a wind tunnel is dangerous and he is thinking about bombing that wind tunnel as soon as he re-count previous election votes.

    Dear Americans. We are now facing a new bio-chemical treats from mother-nature. I will do everything to stop mother-nature from destroying my farm country. Our secret agents told me that Osama have worked closely with Katrina to destroy our country. You have voted the right person to lead this country. Before I end my speech from this nice 5-star hotel, i would like to say that my book will be out soon. So, get it at your nearest bookstore. You can also order the oil book from the internet...just press F1 to go direct to my site.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:15 AM  
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