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    Wednesday, September 21, 2005
    Freelance writter

    I've wrote many articles in the internet covering almost evrything. A friend of mine asked me how can he make a great article? After weeks of consideration, i can list out couples of my own tricks of the century. You can actually make some bucks from writting a book, so let's get busy.

    Watching the morning news can gave me several ideas. Most of the latest news are in the morning news and the "scoop" is big. Getting your newspaper early in the morning also helps. Combine both media and write down any idea(s) you came across. Do not write it down on a piece of tissue paper, you might throw it at the end of the day. Get a nice book and write the ideas on it. Just write down your idea no matter if it sounds weird. The Wright Brothers wrote their "crazy" idea and look what they have accomplished, yup an aircraft.

    Your friends can be your star. You can write about other people story, life, hobby and so on. Let say a friend of yours spoke about how he made an ice-cream using his grandma's old secret recipe. Remember the book i told you? This is where you take out that book and write down his story. For me, it's amusing listening to what others have to say during lunch or tea-time. Internet is great place to look for a jump start. Just search for any keywords and you'll be surprised to see the results. Google it ( you can use the Google Search below ) and don't forget to bookmark.

    Things you need.
    1. Notebook / sound recorder
    2. Anything that can writes.

    Now what?
    Now you have wrote your idea, it is time to put it to test. Before your publish your article, draught it first. Make sure your draught article is in order. There's no point published an article full of grammer mistakes, typos and so on. Take a look at your newspaper for a second. Now, can you see the frontpage? Can you see the title? You can copy that style into your article. Give your first article a nice title. Let say, you are writing about "Freelance writer" and you want your readers to "actually" read it. This is how I always do, get a catchy title! Don't just simply put "Freelance writers" for your article. We wanted people to read remember. Maybe we can put "Writers for hire" or "Making money writing from home" and don't stop there. Get wild and funky with it. Nope, you are not going to jail for making a catchy title, so why stop there?

    First date.
    Remember your first date? Boy, you look great wearing those nice cloathing with a freshly-shaved face and a box of candy in your hand. Remember the last 2 hours before the date? You ironed your pants and put on some perfume. Why not do the same thing for your article? No, i'm not talking about how to get girls the easy way. I'm talking about the first impression. Make sure the first paragraph exciting as can be. Remember, this is your first date, don't screw up. Give the readers the general idea what the article about. You've made a nice title and readers are expecting a great article from you. Combining the title and the first paragraph, bingo, readers will read to the last dot.

    Cut the crap.
    Make sure the readers understand what was the article about. Don't use those fancy-hard-to-spell-and-read words. Use some simple and easy to understand words. Studies comfirmed that, readers love to read in simple words. Unless you are writing about some rocket-scientist article, you may use those technical terms. Don't hide your real story from the readers. Don't expect your readers to be mind-readers and they are not. So, make sure you publish an understanable topic.

    Don't make long paragraphs. Plain simple rule of mine. Why you might asked? Our eyes need some rest too. The more easy our eyes, the more enjoyable it will be. Try getting shorter paragraph by editing out some "unwanted" sentences. Wow, that was short isn't it?

    Home baked pie
    Try to make your readers feel at home. Don't use too many "i" in your writing instead use the word we and us. Remember, you are not just writing an article but you are building a relationship. You must relate to the readers as just like you are infront of them. How do you act when you're with friends? Of course you wanted that relax and fun feeling right. So, what are we waiting for cowboys? Yeehaaa...let's make friends.
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