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    Friday, September 30, 2005
    eBook publishing
    After you have read my tips regarding being a writer, maybe it's about time to give out the next rule. Publish it! Yup, it's time to get serious. Take out your note because this gonna get, just kiding. Ready?

    Before i go into the details, let me explain about eBook publishing. As you know eBook is eletronic book and usually it is in PDF format. To read the eBook, normally you need to install Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Reader and several software you can download for free. Ebook publishing is a replacement for normal book for you to read from your computer. Don't get me wrong, eBook can be anything; a report, diagram or even maps. You can insert images into your eBook to make it more interesting.

    Adobe Acrobat (not the reader) is widely used among eBook publisher. Easy and fast for a non-techie eBook publisher. Using it, you can add images, links, page index, sound and anything you could think of. PDF format for your eBook is small and that means, you can distribute it more faster than any other format. Readers only have to download the eBook from the internet and you know that internet never rest.
    Read more.

    What's next? Choices are in your hands. You can give away your eBook for free sample or you can sell it. People continue to look for info about specific topic so if your eBook falls in those category, why not sell it. Let say your eBook about gardening, setup a simple website to promote your eBook. Get a webhosting to that can setup your virtual bookstore website. For more info about internet marketing, point to this link.

    Let say you can write a really good kids story. You can give away a free preview to readers before they actualy buy it. Put only the index and several pages in the previe version. Pick the most interesting page in the preview version. Readers will ask for more and how can they get more? Yes, by buying the full version of your eBook. Stephen King used eBook for his novels and he was making big income once. I hope this article can fire-up your desire to become a writer. Publish your eBook and send me a copy.
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