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    Tuesday, September 27, 2005
    Biggest library
    "Do you know how to make a duvets?" or "What is the best pillow in the market". Questions and more question. To get answer quick why not follow my way. Use the internet! Simple eh? Not quite simple. You need to narrow down your question so that you get the exact answer.

    Where can you go to get the answer? Why not use Google Answer. Their service comes with a small fee starting as little as $2.50. The answer you'll get is in details so no need to pitty your $2.50. They will provide you with links, tip and tricks or better, some diagrams. What is the best way to find an answer? Keep on reading.

    I'm sure all of you use Google everyday ( i am ) to look for stuff. The problem is you are not asking the right question and don't expect Google to play "mind-reading" with you. Let say that you are looking for a duvets. For Google ( and most of the major search engines ), that was too general. You will get a mixed search results. Be more specifics when asking the question. Let say you are looking for "How to make duvets cover", Google will give out more specific results. Another example, if you are looking for "Star Wars Episode VI" you will get result regarding toys, shirts etc. That is not a good pratice with Google. This is how i use Google:

    Star Wars Episode "+VI"

    By adding the sign "+", Google will know the exact thing you are looking for. Put a "-" sign, Google will show not so accured results. You can also do like this: Star+Wars and again the result is not on your range. If you are looking for a specific file, you can always try this:

    do:filetype:pdf "Duvet tutorials"

    Google will show you only the PDF file regarding Duvets tutorials. Another way of finding file is by using this syntax in Google :

    ext:doc recipe "for internal use only"

    Let me explain it to you about this syntax. The ext:doc is the file type ( document,pps,pdf etc ) and the "for internal use only" is the title of the file. You can change it to anything to suits your search greed. Let say that you know the file is in your company's server. You can use this method with Google:

    ext:xls budget site:com

    Long story short, Google will give you the result of the file ( *.xls ) within the site (*.com ). Hope this post can help you in finding the "Great Answer for Duvets". Later
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:27 PM  
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