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    Friday, September 02, 2005
    Annoying Malaysian
    Don't take this post too personal. This just a honest opinion only. As you all know, 31th August was the big day for us. This is what so annoying about us.

    TV and radio
    They keep asking people to sing our national anthem and most of us don't know the words. Then the tv and radio station will say something like this " The sense of freedom getting thiner nowdays" etc. Every single year they do that and they don't do a thing about it. After the big day, all the TV and radio stations keep quiet. What was that all about? I guess this is their annual "im-so-proud-to-be-here" interview. I'm wondering, can all of them ( the TV and radio guys ) remember our national anthem? Maybe next year they can start interviewing their own people before launching their "death squad" to the public. My annoying rate is 2.5/5

    Now this is better. All of our TV station will show the same movies such as Bukit Kepong, Hang Tuah and our all-time fav; Sarjan Hassan. These movies were our annual "must-see" movies. Come on, can't you guys make some new movies regarding our big day? What, no movie house made any? So why must wait? Make your own big day movies. What, don't remember our national anthem? Shame on you, you death squads. My annoying rate is 3/5

    The public
    We love to stay up late to celebrate our Big-Day. We also love to throw rubbish all over the place while watching the moment of 12 midnight. Better yet, we love to throw rubbish NEXT to the rubbish bin. How cool was that? Pretty cool eh? Nope...not at all dude. Bring back your own trash or better yet,stay home so you can spit all the rubbish on your own TV set. Next year, don't throw all those condoms on the street will ya. My annoying rate is 4/5

    The crowd gone mad. Yup we are mad people in the open air. We love to pack a fight for no reason. No matter how colourful the fireworks were, we just love to see the colour of blood. What the #%^^& was that about? Too many "counter strikes" eh? Why must we fight? Ooo...because you wanted to show who's the boss eh? Why not go to Iraq and fight there? What, no balls? Then stop fighting. My annoying rate is 4/5

    We are too dumb to understand the speed limits. We love to race while drinking the six packs in one sip. Yup, our car is the fastest on this planet and some said on Mars too. We love to hit people during the Big-Day for fun. Then we can be on the national tv for interview. "I'm too drunk NOT to stay at home" or "My girlfriend gave me a nice blowjob while i'm driving" or "I thought the speed limit was 350 km/ph"....yup stupid reasons. My annoying rate is 30/5 ( ok, i know that above the limit )

    What? An annoying post? Give me a rate then LOL.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:40 PM  
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