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    Monday, September 19, 2005
    3D software
    I know many of you wanted to make a 3D animation or landscapes. The best 3D tool is Maya 3D and it's widely used by the pro's for making animation and such. Maya indeed the best but it required the high-end hardware to run it and it's expensive too. So, what about the average Joe's wanted to try his hands on animation? Read on Nemo.

    Blender 3D is the answer. An Open Source 3D maker that runs on Microsoft, Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD, Irix and Solaris can make your life easier. Small in size yet powerfull enough to make advance 3D modelling in snap. With easy to learn interface, this is for you no matter if you're a newbies or an advance user.

    Fast rendering and stable animation frame with millions of wiremesh, i'm hooked to Blender since their first version. Not just that, many plug-ins for you to try to make your "dream-real-like" animations. Their support group is great, just ask if you ran into trouble while using Blender 3D.

    Ever wondered how on the blue heaven the pro's made those nice landscapes? Easy, just use Terragen. It's small but big in function and easy to paly around with their interface. Who used Terragen? EA Sports used Terragen for their Formula 1 2000 for Playstation 2. Not just game maker use Terragen but also Brandy in her "What About US" music video.

    For more advance 3D tool that i use:

    Bryce 3D and 3D Max. Both offers some great deal for advance users. These tool can help you in making more advance realistic animation and 3D. But if you just wanted to learn the basic of XYZ ( axis ) of 3D, better get Blender instead. From there, you can built your skills before using Bryce and 3D Max.

    Instant Downloads
    Blender ( 4.8Mb )
    Bryce 5

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