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    Wednesday, August 03, 2005
    Webpage making
    Just came across a site that sell the "how-to" make your own website. This guy is selling his eBook for RM20. What a rip-off. All the info about on how to make a website can be obtained freely from the internet. You can always use Google to find the info. Making a website is not that hard using the right software. Let me scale down the process for you.

    For HTML handling
    Microsoft FrontPage/HotDog Pro/CoffeCup HTML Editor

    For Uploading
    Cute FTP/SmartFtp or upload directly using the HTML editors above

    SWISH for flash animation
    Any GIFT animation editor
    Any graphic compressor
    Any graphic editor ( Photoshop or GiMP )
    Notepad ( manual editor )
    UltraEdit ( manual editor )

    100% your own brain

    Most of the HTML editor or well-known as WYSIWYG ( What you see is what you get ) comes with "help file" or tutorials. Just press F1 and you will be given the help you need. Any WYSIWYG editor already compiled some usefull template waiting you to use it. If none of the template suits you much, head to Google and search for a free template. Modern HTML editor also comes with plug-ins such as Javascript editor, forms, table and even ftp function. Again, you need to press F1 to get the info.

    For more advance feature for your website, googled it. For example if you need a tutorial on how use javascript, again pure brain is needed ( unless you don't know what Google is ). Internet is the biggest library and most of the infos are free to use. No need to buy an eBook for RM20 and expecting your website to be fancy by using the eBook. For latest Microsoft Words, you can make you website using it without any fuss. Try to make a simple website before sliding to the next level. Once you have mastered the basic, smooth salling all the way for you. When i'm takling about "the next level", i meant using JavaScripts, PHP, Perl, Python, Flash etc. In other term, grab your basic skills first.

    Using any FTP client is easy to use. As i stated before, latest HTML editor comes with FTP function. Again, the keyword is brain....use the F1 button. Any FTP client need you to enter the corret FTP server of your website and it is done. If pushing a single button seems too hard for you, then you should stop making your website and hire somebody that can push that single button. Feel free to hire me to push that button ( $450 per click ). LOL.

    To spice-up your website, you can always use some cool graphic. By using any graphic editor of your choice, make some nice looking menu or logo. If you feel so lazy, googled for a free logo or picture. Still saying it's hard to make a simple site? Normally i'll charge $4,500 for making a new website, because you are so lazy, i'm charging you $30,000. Fair enough don't you think so? Try using GiMP, it's free and small to download. GiMP is fast and easy to use. Remember the F1 button? Use it everyday. After making that "killer" logo of yours, it's time to put it on the HTML. All you have to do is, drag the logo...that's it. What? Too complicated?'s time for you to sell the cotton candy or sell "mapiau"...that would be less hard for you.

    No need to join the "jump wagon" yet. Take some time to play around with the softwares. Do it for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week and you can start making your first site. Always search the internet for extra info about the software. To be honest i only use my Notepad and GimP to make my site. Wait, don't start uninstall the needed software yet. The reason i use Notepad and GiMP is because i've been online for years. Even now, sometimes i use UltraEdit to edit my site.

    Join any "help" forum or IRC channel for more "on-hand" help. For example, you can always join this forum for help on HTML, flash or any related matters. Look under the topic "tutorial" but please bear in mind, this is a Malay speaking forum. If you feel comfortable for "real-time" help, you can always use IRC. Just type /help and all the help related channels will be shown to you.

    Have fun and i'm sure your effort worth your time...and your brain. LOL. BTW, if you purchased the eBook from a Malay speaking website with title "membina laman web cara mudah", claim back for a refund.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:51 PM  
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