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    Monday, August 01, 2005
    Rope him
    In the name of Allah, this fake prophet must die. You can read my previous post about fake prophet.

    On Saturday (30 July 2005) our local tv station shown us how lost the fake prohpet is. Im talking about Haji Kahar from Selangor. In his own words, he said that Islam is now complete and he resign from being a prophet. I never heard any prophet resigned before...not Musa (Mosses), Isa (Jesus) or Muhammad s.a.w.

    At the court about 50 of his followers barking for no good reason. They said that the Kingdom Of Heaven is their to claim. How can this Haji Kahar guarantee his followers heaven? For a prophet, it is odd to see doing a makruh act such as smoking. But this fake prophet smokes in the court infront of his odd was that? A real prophet will not commit even a makruh act but this dude smokes like nobody cares.

    An old women said that the Kingdom Of Heaven is waiting for her and she waved "bye-bye" to the "none believers". What a joke...does she know that her "prophet" is a fake? Where does the government stands. Talk about government, this reminds me of Ayah Pin another cult nutcase that claims he was the founder of Buddhaisme but declared that he is a Muslim. How can he founded a religion and leading another religion?

    When the Terengganu State government decide to demolish home for the poor, they took a short amount of time to make up the decision. But they took such a long time to demolish Ayah Pin's buildings. If the state government can bring down the homes for the poor in zap, why can't they do the same thing to Ayah Pin?

    Now our Royal Police Force is hunting Ayah Pin and at the time i post this, still no sign of him. For your infomation, Ayah Pin is the leader of Kerajaan Langit ( Sky Kingdom ) and no wonder the police can't find him, they are looking at the wrong direction. Try looking in the sky, maybe Ayah Pin is there,hiding LOL.

    A footage of Ayah Pin was shown in the news channel. That footage was Ayah Pin dress-up in Hindu and went to a well-known Hindu Temple. Now, first he said he is the founder of Buddha and now Hindu? Come on Pin....make up your mind will you. I'm not surprise if he claims to be the founder of Christian. Does this means that Ayah Pin is God for Muslim,Hindu and Buddha? Not even close. How can a "founder" to several religion gamble? How can the "founder" of several religion doing things that is prohibited in all religion, that is gambling?

    To Ayah Pin and Haji Kahar, please take a rope and put it around your neck. You can do that privately or in public, your call. And to the "moron-dumb-a$$-followers", stop spreading lies. I just want to ask one question to you ( followers ), do you affraid of death? If the answer is yes, why must you be scared of death? For someone who have been guaranteed Kingdom Of Heaven, there's no point be scared of death. Don;t think with your tinny-brain yet, ask for a second opinion.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:06 PM  
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