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    Friday, August 26, 2005
    My child
    On the 16th of August at 2 in the morning, my wife wake me. She told me that her water just broke. For a first timer, looking at the water on the floor kinda scary. Well, not "that" scary but...ok ok im panic lil' bit.

    I brought her to the living room. At first my mother in-law keep asking me to call the ambulance. So i dialed the number. Then she told me not to call yet ( i'm totally confused at that time ). "To call or not to call...that is the question" sounds like
    Shakespeare in total panic LOL.

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    We decided to wait for a while. My wife's contraption still not in the "rapid zone". I hold her hands and told her that i love her so much. I kept reminding her to pray and to stay calm. She smiled at me and said that she loves me too and the baby is her proof of love towards me. I can't hold my tears any longer. Even she is in great pain but she still smile for me.

    At 7.00 in the morning we decided to pack our bags. Arrived at the hospital around 7.30 in the morning. At the counters, an officer told us to go to the next block. We walked slowly to the block while her water still running between her legs. In that building, a doctor inspected my wife while i waited in sweats. About 30 minutes in the room, the doctor said that she need to be warded.

    Off we go ( again ) to "check-in". Her ward was on the first floor ( Wad Melur 1C ). While she's on the bed, i went back to the counter to pay for the bill. And the time ticks.....

    I slept at the hospital for several nights and making friends with other "soon-to-be-daddy". I can't sleep because of those darn mosquitos. My wife's contraption getting faster everyday...then on the 18th of August at 1.50 in the morning, she SMS me saying that it's time. Hearing the word " it is time" made me realized that "it is time".

    I went to her room to comfort her. Trust me, looking at your wife in great pain will make the thoughtest man cry. I can't bare to see her in pain but nothing i can do. "Ingat Allah...mengucap banyak-banyak. Sabar ye, kejap lagi baby yang kita tunggu selama ni akan ada dalam pelukan ayang." i said to her.

    At 2.30 a.m , she went to the labor room. I wanted to go with her but i can't. "Please, can i go with her to the labor room?" i said to the nurse. "Sorry, but you can wait outside" said the nurse. So i waited for her outside the labor room. At 4.30 a.m ( 19th August 2005 ), there she was, smiling at me. I'm speechless...our baby in her arms. I walked to her slowly and with a quick glance at her wrist, i saw a pink ribbon. The pink ribbon is for baby girl and blue for baby boy.

    I kissed her forehead with tears running freely from my eyes. Then i kissed my baby. Such a cute baby girl and i'm a proud daddy. Husna Khalida is her name. God, give me the strength to lead my own family. Insya-Allah.

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