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    Wednesday, August 03, 2005
    MMS for mobile
    What is MMS?
    Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) adds images, text, audio clips and ultimately, video clips to SMS (Short Message Service / text messaging). Simon Buckingham, CEO of Mobile Streams believes that: 'The transition from Short Message Service (SMS) to Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is as important on mobile phones as the transition from DOS to Windows was for the PC. It represents a revolution. Unlike other technologies like WAP, Bluetooth etc - MMS offers a complete development and billing environment along with a chance to create compelling applications.

    How would end users interact with MMS?
    In terms of usage, Multimedia messages can best be understood as 'choreographed PowerPoint presentations'. What does 'choreographed' mean? The multimedia presentation, which consists of elements such as music, voice, images, text, video, and graphics - are all synchronised across a common timeline (i.e. not delivered as attachments) as in an email. Similar to an SMS, the recipient receives a notification and when the full message is received, the presentation starts running. Visually, the presentation looks like a choreographed slide show with images (both photographic and animation) and sound. Another way to think of MMS is as a presentation layer over email since MMS uses many email technologies. Unlike SMS communication, MMS communication will not be discreet i.e. rich media lends itself to be 'flaunted' rather than being discreetly in the background. This trend is already noticeable with richer media such as ringtones.

    Now everything is about MMS service. Modern mobile phone comes with MMS and suitable software. Most MMS mobile phone uses Symbian Os for their Operating System. Please beware of MMS virus. Dangerous MMS viruses are spreading in the wild so make sure do not open any unknown MMS.

    Using MMS can keep us close to our family and friends. With faster MMS service, you can send your birthday party MMS picture to your family or friends. You can also use MMS to post an article to your online web. Romours said next year is the "war of the price" between Celcom and Maxis for their MMS service. That would be great for customers with lower price for per MMS.
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