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    Wednesday, August 03, 2005
    Laptop for bussiness
    Laptop getting cheaper everyday and the specification getting faster and complex. For basic user, a laptop ranging from RM2000 ($531.992). For more feature, laptop can go as high as RM12,000 ($3,202.38). Before this laptop looks kinda bulky and heavy but now with the latest technology, laptop can be as thin as a cigarrete box. This is because of hardware getting smaller and lighter.

    Note : Currency conversion was made by

    Toshiba launched several laptop for basic and hing-end usage. Several laptop from Toshiba are Toshiba Satellite M30X,Toshiba Satellite A70-S2482TDand Toshiba Satellite R10-S802TD. Their "after support" also great and you don't have to worry about hardware replacement.

    Acer, the no.1 laptop brand in Malaysia offering wide range of laptops. At their website, you can get the latest drivers for your latop. There's no shortage of driver update at their website. Acer uses Microsoft XP for their latest laptops for maximum productivity. One of the most best-selling laptop from Acer is TravelMate 8100 Series and Acer 1690 Series.

    Note: Microsoft XPcomes with free shipping during their promotional plan.

    Hawlett Pakett need no introduction for its low price and super-stable laptops. With the latest Operating System and hardware, you just can't deny it. A brand with years of experience, HP always a step ahead of its competitors. After-sale support is at the best compared to others. The best thing about HP is, "easy-to-get" hardware is their strong hold. No matter if are "basic" user of "power-user", HP provides you with the top notch in laptop industry. With their wireless laptop, you can always "on the move". Product like R4000 series is a must for a mover like you. Just plug your car adapter and off you go. The smart computing laptop from HP can really change you computing approach thus saving your time to 60%.
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