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    Tuesday, August 30, 2005
    Islamic link
    For those who wanted to know about Islam, you can get free eBooks, movies and video from these site. You can download the Quranic Recitation of the Holy Al-Quran. Today i'm going to introduce to you and

    For CeramahIslam, most of the contents are in Bahasa Melayu. For those who can read and understand Malay, feel free to visit this great site. So many mp3 to download ( some in English ) and you can keep it for free. For those who loves live feed, you can always click their video link. In this site contains series of lecture regarding Islamic Healing and Medicine. Not just that, lectures on human relationship, ibadah and much more. Lectures were given by top Islamic Scholars from Malaysia, Singapore and others. Lecture also comes in English, Tamil and Arab. Feel free to visit this site. For my none-Muslim readers, maybe you too can visit. is another great Islamic site solely in English. If you are looking for books and videos, this is the place. Everything is free to keep. HarunYahya is a well-known Islamic scholar and has been giving free eBooks to all of his visitors to his site. His site is easy to navigate so you might want to check out all his contents regarding Islam. eBooks are given free together with great online video streaming for those who wanted a clearer view about Islam.

    Ahmed Deedat needs no introduction. He has been on national TV's from varies countries giving lecture not just to the Muslim but also to our none-Muslim friends. Sadly Ahmed Deedat passed on to meet his Creator on the 8th of August 2005. His biggest work was the debate between him and Brother Jimmy Swaggar.

    The reason i wrote about Muslim and Islam is because the prejudice among the none-Muslim friends since the 9/11. I strongly against terroristism and all true Muslims are on the track of thought as i am. Islam is a peaceful religion and we do love our none-Muslim friends. Besides, we share the same great-grandfather; Adam. Terrorist doesn't have a religion it was the act of lost human being. Yes i do admit there's plentty of bad Muslim out there but that is not good. Same goes for any other religion in this world. Now is the time to unite. Bring peace to the world. There's nothing wrong sharing a space in your heart for your friends.
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