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    Monday, August 08, 2005
    Heart transplant
    Slept at the hospital since Friday. My father need a better treatment for his heart. Right now our financial is not in the best situation. Getting RM80K for a heart transplant is huge amount of money. Have been working like a dog to get some extra money for my father. I just can't stand anymore looking at my mom crying when my father in the "attack".

    Only to Allah i can pray. I know He is lestening to my prayer. I know help is on the way. I told my father to sell our house and the rest of the cost, i'll take out my KWSP saving. But he never agreed to my idea. "This is our home, never sell our home" he said to me one night.

    On weekends i'll be all over the town to get some bucks. Selling my drawings and painting or sometimes doing live sketch for RM25 per piece. I sold my stuff... i cut grass for RM30....selling fish in the market....working in hotels. Still, for an average person, financial issue always a big problem for me. I'm doing all this for my father. Without him, this world is not mine to see,feel and touch.

    I'll never give up to get him a proper treatment. I'm not a quiter...i'm a fighter. "Remember, never give up. Do the best and God will do the rest" he said to me. That is why if someone quit too soon, i'll get mad. Never give up....never surrender. A friend of mine said he is "bored" with his search for stable income using internet...and guess what, i hate the word "bosan". I'm doing my best for an extra income and i know God is listening. Insya-Allah.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:17 PM  
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