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    Monday, August 15, 2005
    Fog 'em out
    I hate this fogs. Made my eyes red and my throat not feeling great. Personaly, i think that our government should sue the Indonesian. The Indonesian thought that the fog will stay at one place. Nehh.....wrong answer and now you must pay for all the damage. Fog is not good for our health and our government declared "curfure" for several days. For me that is "total money lost". Our ship ports are closed due to the heavy fogs. Just imagine how many we lost during the curfure? Millions....not one or two bucks...but millions per day.

    They must take the full responsibility for all the damage they have done to us. Before this they sent their army warships to our shore because they wanted our oil but why can't they send us "money" for the damage during the fog "season"?. For me, our government should stand their ground firmly regarding this issue. Enough is is time to collect the paycheck from them. This happens to be their "annual" "im-not-guilty-season". We are sick of that answer..hearing that same answer year after year makes me sick. Stop giving us that " i-don't-know" face and start paying us for all the damage you have done to us.

    I know we are close friends but enough is enough. You can't even control your own "open-burning" laws. Time to change your policy and i think the Indonesian must respect the Asian declaration regarding "mass-fire" and environment issues. Asian declaration is not there for display. I don't think sending our men to help them is a good idea. They should deal the problem from within not by asking for help when the problem getting bigger. Bring back our boys home for their own safety.

    Enough is enough...we've sent our boys during tsunami and now we are sending our boys again? Don't get me wrong, i have lots of friends from there but as i said...enough is enough. It is time for them to figure out what's good for their "best friend" during tsunami lat December. We even accept their workers ( more than 400K ) and this is how they say thank you to us by sending us fogs?

    Enough is enough. Time for our "annual" paycheck.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:36 AM  
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