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    Tuesday, August 02, 2005
    Architect for home
    Just closed a deal with my client. He wanted me to design his new home with a mix of colonial and malay look. His budget for his new house is about RM300K. Alhamdulillah.

    Two storey home is not a big problem for me to come out, but his vision about the home is "out of this universe". Stagged floor level on the first floor is a big challenge for me. Home with stagged floor level can be confusing. The location of the beam is not inline with each other and that is the challenge.

    His bedroom is connected to a wodden bridge outside...and that bridge is located at the back of his house. At first that was confusing but after a while, we manage to solve the problem. Just image his bedroom ( on the first floor ) connected to a wooden bride leading to a wooden gazebo at the back of his house. Sound complicated? Not really.
    For a 15% fee from RM300K project, i'm willing to say yes to anything. Big bucks for me this month. His home facing the open sea and what a great view that is. I'm always wanted a home facing the sea. Maybe next time if the money is there, maybe i can purchase a home near the sea.

    Next to his home, he will construct an Islamic school and i'm hoping to get that job too. This time maybe for free. He is an ulama and his school will be well equip with the latest computer and education tools. With the "unlimited budget" for the school, i can imagine how it would look like. Time for some charity don't you think so? For home designreference, you can always consult with an experienced architect or better, me LOL.You can always search for jobs as an architect using Google below.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:10 PM  
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