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    Tuesday, August 30, 2005
    Cheap Music
    Our local music scene sucks. Woohaaa....strong statement dude. Nah...that's the truth. For a CD gonna fork out RM40++ and for me that is too much. Then come the recording companies saying that we don't support the local music scene.'s our money and don't blame us for downloading mp3's.

    Once i read an article about piracy in our country. This guy said that the current price is the cheapest in the world. i care about that. Cheap? RM40++ you call it cheap? For me, talk is cheap man. For an average Joe, RM40++ is big. I can buy food for my family and pay some bills. That guy has no right to say bad things about us. Give us a lower price ( below RM25 ) and we are more than happy to support our local scene.

    Then comes the "one-hit-single" in the album. Is it worth to buy an album with one good music? No, we just download it. Cheaper and we can burn it at our own will. I'm not supporting pirates copies but again, the big question is " Is it worth buying an album?". In my honest opinion, i dare all recording company to copy the kedai runcit system. You know, if we hate the product, we can get back our money.

    One insane person that got ball is Afdlin Shauki. This "kodok" is brave enough to let the buyer to pay at what amount they want. So, you got ball? Show them to us, not tomorrow...not next year but now. Afdlin needs no introduction and for me his music is "out of this world". The reason he got balls is because, he is "one" of us.

    Get his album at.....errr you name the price. But please,support his music if you really love his work. Support his Hilang Akal campaign. Afdlin, if you're reading this, my support is yours.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:33 AM  
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