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    Tuesday, August 30, 2005
    Blues Guitar Solo
    Do you love blues? For me blues is the root for modern rock and to capture the mood of the blues is not easy. Just like what Jimi Hendrix said "It is not hard to play blues but it is hard to feel it".

    As i'm typing this post, i'm listening to Jag playing the 1920's blues solo. He got a really nice lick and feel to the blues. So who is Jag? Below is his bio in his own words:

    I started playing rock guitar in 1978. OK, I banged on it a few times in 1976 but that doesn't count. I started playing in a cover band in Little Rock while still in high school. You know the story; Zep, Who, Stones, Skynyrd, etc. I did that for a few years then started to teach guitar while in college. I opened up my own recording studio in 1984 (still in business) and recorded about 40 90 minute cassettes of my own music over the next 20+ years. This was more experimental/rock/imporovisation music in the vein of old Pink Floyd or Captain Beeheart.

    I got into blues after discovering Robert Johnson and RL Burnside in 1998. I had heard lots of blues over the years but the only artist I really liked was Stevie Ray Vaughan. My music sounds nothing like him however. I had put down my guitar for a few years after getting hooked on computers. I only played sporadically but I noticed that I was abscent mindedly playing old blues riffs.

    I remembered that I had the Robert Johnson box set from the 30's and I started listening to it, not really intending to learn that style. A co-worker at the time was listening to internet radio and one fo the stations played lots of old blues artists like Son House, Mississippi Fred McDowell and of coure Robert Johnson. I was immediately hooked on the raw, funky style and investigated further.

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    To get his album, point to this great website. They support the artist by giving away the full album so you can listen to it before you buy. For a free full album of Jag, click here to play it with WinAmp.

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