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    Thursday, August 11, 2005
    Architect at work
    So you wanted to be an architect but don't know how. I'm a freelance architect and today i will give out some nice tips on how "not-to-get-cheated" by architects.

    First you need to know about your budget. You must remember, any architect plan is base on YOUR budget. So, make sure you get your budget right. To get the budget for your architectural plans, always ask experienced contractor. Get the latest price for :

    1. Concrete per meter cube
    2. Bars per tonne
    3. Woods
    4. Roofing

    Above are the most basic things you must know. Using the prices, you can get the basic idea on how your home will be. For readers from my country, if your home is below 3000 square feet, a licensed draughtman can make your architect design ( read as cheaper price ). If your architect design is above, then you must prepare to pay more. Architect are divided to 2 type:

    1. Architect fee taken from the percentage. Usually 20-32% from your budget
    2. Architect fee taken from the "square feet".

    After getting all the above done, now it is time to plan your home with the architect. Get a formal letter from the architect first bedore asking the architect doing anything. This letter is called Letter Of Appoinment and make sure you read the terms before signing it. Make sure the letter contains :

    1. The architect will be in charge from A to Z ( meaning from submitting to the local authority to obtaining a CF )
    2. The architect will inform you of any changes in the local authority terms ( read as new laws )
    3. They will take full responsiblity on their plan.

    You must give them your land grant before they can make anything for you. Do not give them the grant untill you are sure you can trust them. Always refer to your local architect board if you have any question.

    After everything went well, it's time to make your plan. Remember, you are the boss. Any changes must be at your approval. They can't simply change their design without asking you. If you feel that their plan is not up to the level, you can ask them to change it at no cost at all.

    Now your architect plan is done, now what? Remember, you paid them according to the law. Meaning you pay them only 30% first. During the actual construction, you will pay them another 40% ( you can divide the 40% into 3 parts if you want ). The rest of the payment you only pay once your home received the CF from the local authority. Do not pay them before you get the CF!!

    Always ask them to give you the "Progress report". This report is crutial to make sure your home is not over budget. The Progress Report containing :

    1. Monthly report from the architect
    2. Monthly report from the engineers.
    3. Monthly report from the contractor.

    All the reports will be compiled and you can get the report for free. I do hope this guideline can save you a great deal of money. If you want to make an architect plans for your home, drop me a line and i'll give you my price. Not just that, you can hire me to handle everything from designing your home right up to make a nice "below" budget for your interior.
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