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    Friday, July 01, 2005
    Webhosting Tips
    So, you want to be the next internet entrepreneur. A friend asked me about webhosting and wanted to know about it. So here are some tips for you. This is not in details so please do your own research. But if you looking for the best webhosting in Asia, just click the picture below.

    Look for a nice monthly fee or annual fee that suits your budget. Applying for an annual hosting is much more cheaper than monthly service. Normally webhosting provider will provide you with a three, four or five years plan. Any addtional service is not included so please read their Terms Of Service ( TOS ) before enrolling any additional service.

    Uptime and stability
    This is important to make sure your website is up and running 24/7 all year around. Webhost hick-ups is normal but if this happends to much, please consult your provider of change to another stable provider. Always refer to your monthly bandwidth so that it is not using extra bandwidth. If you used up all your bandwidth, most likely your provider will block new access.

    The faster the support, the better your webhosting provider is. Try email them something and time how fast they reply your email. If you received they support email after 4 days, do not enroll their service. This is not a good sign for looking a fast support. Speed is not the main thing when it comes to support. If their support is too general, then please avoid these provider. We are looking for speed and detail and easy to understand support.

    Above are just a general guideline for you when chosing a webhosting. If you are in Malaysia, i strongly advise you to pick-up for your webhosting. They are now Asian No.1 webhosting with great support and service. With cheap domain registration and frequent offers makes them a great choice. As im typing this post, they are offering a free upgrade. With MyAsianHost, they provide a "live-support" meaning a "real person" will answer all your question. Not like other webhosting provider, they only provide email support.

    "I'm living in China, can i use MyAsiaHost service?" Sure you can, just click here to go to their website to read their payment method. No matter where you are, they can handle it...that is why MyAsiaHost is the best in Asia. Backup with their "30 Day-money-back" , you can't turn away their offer. What more can you asked?

    The title "The Best in Asia" is not a fiction when it comes to MyAsiaHost. They handles millions of traffic per day without frequent downtime. No matter what kind of website you are creating, MyAsiaHost can handle it. Give it a try and if you are satisfied with their service, a 30 Day Money-Back is yours to claim. Click here to read about their promotion plan.

    Note: MyAsiaHost is the best webshosting provider in Asian

    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:54 PM  
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