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    Thursday, July 21, 2005
    Tourist Guide
    If you are planning to visit Malaysia for a holiday, please read this. It might help you alot. The tips is about how we commucate with tourist.

    We love to take a sharp turn without giving any signal. Please don't mind about these kind of drivers because this is how we say welcome to our country and please stay longer.

    We love to show our middle finger to each other for no good reason. You can always show your own version of the middle finger sign. This is how we say "hello".

    We love to honk alot at the traffic lights. The longer and louder we honk, the more we accept you in this country. Feel free to honk back to say thank you to our drivers.

    We love to clean out our cars greatly. If you saw a driver threw a garbage bag while driving, don't take it seriously. Oh...the latest trend is throwing out a human body. It is normal to see we throw rambutan or durian skins. Go ahead, try it and you will be one of us.

    We do love the feel of fast air on our face. That is why, we love to drive like a maniac. The faster we go, the happier we will be. The one we really like is driving at the top speed at crowded area. If you saw this kind of driver, feel free to over-take take driver and say hello or show you middle finger. That would be fun.

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    Food and stuff
    We love our world so much that we are willing to share our food with fly,rats and cockroaches. We can't stand looking at them, running around without any food. Please share your food too.

    We want to save water alot. Sometimes we put our fingers in the food after going to the toilet and straight away server the food to you. No need to worry, the food is clean,even we eat that kind of food everyday.

    Malaysian Food Recipes
    Malaysian Food

    So if you decided to come here for a holiday, please brign along your personal doctor and lawyer. Just in case, we do provide you with a High Court Judge with a cheap price on his head...hell, we do have many lawyers going for low price too. Enjoy your stay in Malaysia and please do tell your friends how great your holiday was.
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