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    Tuesday, July 12, 2005
    Top drummer
    I'm a drummer and i love playing drums. In Africa, drums are considered as the symbol of heart beat. That is true and i strongly believe in that phrase. By using drums, you can deliver a sad sound, happy sound or darker sound. That is the beauty of drums. Some said that in modern drumming, the drums solely for the beat or tempo. I'm totally against that idea. Drum is the heart of any song or music.

    I'm more into the rock and metal scene so im going to point out my all time fav drummers. The first on my list is Igor cavalera of Seputura. For me he's just like Ringo Starr from The Beatles. Ringo can play with the most basic set of tom's and made the sound like he was playing 6-7 tom's at the same time. Same goes for Igor, he can play a single tom and made 4-5 sounds. Igor's twin pedal is a killer. It is fast and "on the beat". Sometimes he will add-in some weird pedal with defferent type of beat (8/16, 4/16 etc). On that part, it is surely hard to copy and that is why Igor is my fav.

    Tom is a part of the modern drum set. Normally located on the upper part of the bass drum.

    My second fav drummer is Lars Ulrich from Metallica. No introduction needed when it comes to one of the "Big Four" of heavy metal. Lars can execute the most complex strokes with his own weird way. To be honest, till now i can;t figure out a word that can describe his playing. Have you kicked an empty can and it sounds good? That is how i describe Lar drumming. But Lars makes an empty "can" sounds really really good. Click here to see Lars's drum set.

    Our own local drummer is also in my list. He is Lan Bye from Sil-Khannaz and x-Infectious Maggot. He has been in the underground scene for years and playing with our own metal legend (Sil-Khannaz and Infectious Maggot), truly has proven his skills. At the time he is still in Infectious Maggot, Nine Inch Nails is not yet formed. Yes, this is the first Industrial Grindcore band in the world!

    Joey Jordison of Slipknot got the "God-knows-how" speed in twin pedal. After listening to their first album, i got hooked with his drumming skills. He is the one to blame when i sprank my ankle while trying to copy his skills. He made playing the twin pedal looks easy,but trust me, it is not that easy. Click here to see his drum setup. Joey also the guirtarist for MurderDolls. Get their album here.

    To be honest i admire drummers from all kind of genre. I don't want to limit my hearing to one type of music. For me, the more genre your listen, the more you will admire your own music.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:05 PM  
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