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    Thursday, July 28, 2005
    Thank you
    Thank you to all who have been to my "virtual space". Looking at my counter, glad the number keep on going high. This means more and more readers in the future. Im trying my best to give you interesting articles.

    With you, maybe i have drop this space months ago. Then i realized that my space can be some sort of reference or just for leasure reading. Thank you for all those emails and please keep it coming. I'm all yours. Reading those emails kept me going. Yes, i do receive "hate-mails" but i don't mind ( i just click the "junk" button- JK ) but most of the emails keep asking for more.

    Take a look at my hits. At the time im writing this post, it shows 10,338 hits. The great thing about the hits is, most of it came from home. Just added Alexa ranking tool to keep track of my latest ranking. I need more readers next month.

    A friend of mine in UK said that his space took him 1 year to get 10,000 readers. And this guy have been blogging for 3 years now....i don't know maybe it's pure luck or some sort. To be honest before this i don't care how many readers came to here. I just wrote what ever came across my,movies,politics etc.

    Talk about "readers from home", i haven't chat with Elizz for some time. Maybe she's busy with her study and part-time job. I do hope she could YM me.
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