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    Monday, July 11, 2005
    Slax Linux
    Anybody here want to try Linux but too afraid to install Linux? How about trying their Live-CD? Live-CD is a cd that contains Linux and it can be run directly from the cd without the need to install it. Kinda funny eh? Not really. Live-CD is a great tool to try Linux for newbies. You don't have to install Linux or make a partition in your hard disk.

    Im using Slax Live-CD for my laptop. This is great is you always on the road. Just insert the cd and off you go. Slax can detect most of the hardware in any computer, so you don't have to manually setup your computer. For me, the best Live-CD i've tried is Slax. Fairly easy for newbies to use and for advance users, you will be happy with full Slackware.

    The other great Live-CD is Knoppix. Knoppix is widely used in terms of fast support. Both of them can run mp3,mpeg files,mov and many more. Setting up your internet connection is easy and at the most time, auto detect. You can also install the Live-CD into your hard disk but this is for advance user only. Need to write a letter? No problem, OpenOffice is already in the cd waiting for you to run it. You can also import the existing Microsft data using both Live-CD.

    Hardware requirement is not that high. Im running Slax on my old P3 450 and 128Mb RAM. Running smoothly without any major hick-ups. Both Live-CD can be downloaded using BitTorrent protocol and that means faster download. If you are using a softmodem (winmodem), you might want to buy an external modem. All linux does not support softmodem. This might be the right time to get a "real" modem. Other than that, both Linux will run smoothly. Be sure to read their hardware support page to see if your hardwares are in the list.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:36 PM  
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