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    Monday, July 11, 2005
    My full sympathy goes out to the family members of London Underground explosion. I do hope they will take their love one's dream and make it into reality.

    My post will be a little bit hard on some but i willing to take the risk. The same risk as London took when they decided to join the war on Iraq. Why must London feel so bad about the explosin killing men on their on soil? What about those who were killed in Iraq? What about those innocent children and women in Iraq? They too suffered the lost of their family and friends, but the most important, they lost their country.

    Blair easily labeled the explosion as terrorist attack but what do you call a bombing in innocent zone in Iraq? Was it "in the name of human rights?" How many childrens were killed in Iraq by this "in-the-name-of-humanrights"? How many hospitals were blown in pieces? How many food supply were involved in the bombing of Iraq? How many schools? How many are injured in Iraq?

    What about the Israels? Are they the good guy? How many Palesteinians were killed? How many house were involved in the Israel campaign that are distroyed? Israel are killing pepole with guns, tanks and aircraft but the Palesteinian only uses stones and rubbles. How many schools are ruined? How many childrens are killed? How many women are raped? Why can't Blair said the same thing to Israel?

    Is it true that the explosion are made by Muslims? Same goes for Bush regime, was it the Muslim who bombed the towers? The irony thing is both of these leaders facing a "big" shock when their popularity are not in the good numbers. After the bombing, for no reason their popularity went up. Same goes for their economy, slightly down before the bombing but after that, it bounces back on track.

    If the Muslims are their main suspect, then they should look at another option. The IRA in Ireland, Israel, Mafia, Political Mafia, local drug dealers or maybe a mad man ( like the bombing in Oklahoma turns out to be a non-Muslim guy ) loves to play with bombs. Before this, if any bombing or terrorist attck, London and Washington will put the blame on Russia ( during the cold war till late 80's). Now a new trend took place, let's blame the Muslim game.

    What about the local drug dealers war? Or their local underground gangsters? No, they are safe because they are not Muslims. It's like London and Washington giving a good protection to their local gengs scene,Israel or drug dealers. These guys are safe because surely their leaders will not suspect them. No matter if these guys bombed the whole country, Blair and Bush will still pointing their fingers at the Muslims.

    Why must we points our finger to religion? No matter what religion in this world, im sure it is about doing good deeds. Bush and Blair keep ponting to Muslim as the source of terrorisme and the best thing is they still can't find the "big bomb" of Iraq. Where is the mass destruction bomb? How many more of their own soldier they willing to send?

    This is not about religion this is about terrorist. Stop pointing fingers at any religion. But Blair and Bush keep doing that. For what? The kill all Muslim and make this world according to Israel? Come on, the Jews keep calling you guys a cow. They called themselves as the superior humankind. So why can't Blair and Bush declare a war against Israel? Israel too killed thoundsand of innicent peple. Israel too bombed schools and hospitals. Israel too raped innocent women. Israel too destroyed public trasportation. If war what Blair and Bush looking for, pack your bags and go to Tel Aviv.

    The UN who? Ooo....United Nation. UN can't do a thing about the prejudice against the Muslims. UN just looking at the bodies of innocent in Palestine and after that the gave out food to them. The UN should stops the Israel from killing more people in Palestine. Now lets take a look at who controlled the "vetos" in UN. Yup, not a single Muslim country in the list. That's why they can easily points their finger to Muslims. "Hey,lets raid Iran after this" and like a speed of sound, they shipped their troops there. "Nah...that's no fun, lets raid a poor Muslim country like Sudan,that would be fun" and guess what, yup you are right. And what the UN do? Nothing at all. The only thing that the UN good at is giving out foods and blankets. Other that that, "lets play ball".

    Now lets talk about the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference ) for a change. These idiots are so stupid to take a strong action against terrorist. They only know how to make a meeting and spend millions on that meeting and guess what, yup no action. They only know how to make resolutions and do nothing about it. Muslim countries are big but stupid. They keep saying bad things to each other and cant do a thing about stoping Israel from killing the Palesteinians.

    Why do i keep repeating the word Israel? Well i would like to point out that terrorist is not only coming from Muslims but also from Israel,drug dealers or even geng wars. I would like to see a Muslim country in the "veto" list in the UN. I know after that the "existing" members of the "veto club" will named Israel too for a seat in the club. Well, a nice "check and balance" in the UN should be done in this next coming time. And that Khofi Annan guy, get a life and go home. You are not up to the heat and yes, you are an idiot for just looking at the massacre in Palestine and Iraq. Get a nice plastic surgery and go to Hollywood or a porn star,i dont care...just don't be the UN Secretary anymore.

    Terroristsm is not about being a Muslims, it is about being human. Human that made things gone wrong but not religion. Just like the Oklahoma bombing, at first Washington put the heat on Muslim. But why cant London invade Washington because of the Oklahoma bombing? Does it sound like a terrorist act to me? Like i said, Prejudice,Discrimination and Double standard. Muslims are killed because they are Muslim not because of they are the terrorist. Why does Washington doesnt attack London to stop the IRA in Ireland? The answer decide the answer. Is this the leaders you voted? Is this the leaders that you really want?

    Again my full sympathy to the victims of London underground explosion. I do hope peace is not about being who is the most prejudice of them all. Peace is about peace. It's not about what religion you believe. It's not about the race and colours. It's not about who makes the most money. Peace is about living side by side and respecting each other believes and culture.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:08 PM  
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