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    Monday, July 11, 2005
    Political Bribe
    In Malaysia there's a new term called Politik Wang ( Political Bribe ). Meaning if a wanna-be leader gave out bribe to make sure people will vote for him. Couple of weeks ago, our politic scene has turned up-side down. A highly ranked leader in the government has been found guilty for giving out political bribe.

    The giver has been found guilty by the party discipline board. But what about the receiver? If they really want to wipe out political bribe, the receiver too must be punished. The funny thing is, this is the rulling party that said to "destroy all kind of briberies from down-up". But there's a bribe giver in their own party.

    The thing that is playing in my head is, why does the rulling party does not hand this case over to the Anti Corruption Agency? ACA is the body that takes care of this dirty action. What makes the discipline board more superior that the ACA? Every bribe action must go to the ACA for them to take legal action thus putting the giver into the prison.

    Our Prime Minister have gave out the instruction for this "high-ranked bribe giver" to let go all of his title. It is enough? I don't think so. Was this the only "high-ranked bribe giver" in the cabinet? That is the big question. If our cabinet are full of bribe giver, im sure this country will be on the top list of The World Best Bribe Country. Surely, as a Malaysian, i'm not accepting leaders with that kind of behaviour.

    In the coming days, this rulling party will held their annual meeting. Im strongly sure, this IS the issue in the meeting. The funny thing is, before this our former Deputy Prime Minister already rulled out about briberies in the meeting and he ended in jail! Wow....what a great government we have. Our former Deputy Prime Minister already served his jail period and now he is in the "other" party that runs against the rulling party.

    Back to the main issue, is our cabinet "clean"? How can we make sure "our" leaders are not involve in political bribe or any kind of bribe? That is hard to answer. Before this, the former Deputy Prime Minister already taken the action to stop this matter but he ended in prison. This means, bribe has been rulling our country years before this. Do you agree with me?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:03 PM  
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