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    Monday, July 04, 2005
    Movies Review
    I love to watch movies. Any genre of movies but the one i really love are Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Passion Of Christ, Embun and many more.

    Yesterday i watched the movie called Herbie:Fully Loaded. This movie was a remake of a 70's ( or is it 80's? ) called Herbie. Herbie is a car that can do thing on its own. Herbie was a race car then after couple of years, Herbie seems to lost his racing skill. Then in 2005, a girl, Maggie Peyton (Lindsay Lohan) bought Herbie for her graduation present. This is a family movie and full of lite-comedy. Great for family viewing and still entertaining.

    War Of The World is the latest movie by Steven Spielberg with Tom Cruise as the main actor. This movie is about a war between aliens and humans. To be honest, this is not a war movie, it is more to family-valued movie. Tom Cruise ( Ray) a divorced parent trying to be close with his daughter and son. So, you will not gonna see any body flying around or huge bombs in this movie. Dakota Fanning (Rachel) acted as the daughter and she is great actor.

    Unleashed featuring Jet Li and Morgan Freeman is an action-packed movie. Jet Li played as Danny that was raised like a dog by his father and forced to fight in death-matches all his life. Then Danny become a friend with a blind piano player ( Morgan Freeman ). Bart, played by Bob Hoskin is the former master of Danny and he is hunting Danny when Danny decided to escaped from him.

    Initial-D is so boring. Some said that the movie is the same as the comic book. The storyline is so loose. Most of the scene was hanging for no reason. The racing scenes a far behind avarage. It's like watching a typical Malay movie. All these hypes about Initial-D is nothing when it comes to the storyline. I like the manga version better. Just my 2 cents.
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